Saturday, 9th November 2019

Was not sure if this blog would get written tonight, being a staunch supporter of The Royal British Legion and a former serviceman, Remembrance Weekend has a very special place in my heart, not only do I remember friends and colleagues no longer with us, but the number of our relatives who did not survive the two wars. Not surprisingly I tend to be rather busy, in fact it is the first time in six years that my presence has not been required in London.

Tomorrow’s blog is very unlikely to be published or written as I have a number of parades in the locality to attend as the Chairman of the local branch, but we will see how time pans out.

Having had a look at my new website, have managed to write an article ready for publication, the ideal plan is to have at least six ready to publish before I launch the site, at one a week this gives me a six weeks start. Also will need to sort out an opt-in form and some material, not to mention the e-mail messages for the auto responder, still at least I have made a start.

During my research today, have found a number of items that will need checking, one thing that does concern me is the fact that I really am majoring on a subject in my brand, the new site is just a small part of this, I am still wondering if I should really just increase the main site. The one problem that I can see is that I will have a lot of articles, seven I think, to finish before I can do this.

Wondering if in fact the new site should in fact be just back linked to the original branded site, especially as the new site will be brand linked. Just re-read this in fact the new site could also be linked, this would save the problem of increasing my existing site.

More things to ponder.

Hopefully will be back tomorrow.

Be Happy, Healthy and Wealthy.




Friday, 8th November 2019

Weather wise another gray November Day, though it did start with bright sunshine, very cold, but very pleasant.

Decided last night to have a look at the all singing all dancing programme that I have found, made a start on trying to input a product. Have got as far as a sub domain for it, plus a few words of content. Think that this could be really good, it is just taking a lot of understanding at the moment, can input content fine, even images, it is just getting to understand how it all fits together.

Still a few minutes a day and I am sure that I will begin to understand what I am trying to do, just hope that the programme does as well.

As this is more complicated than I first thought, will continue to look at other ideas, as apart from this project, did have a lazy night last night, made a change and did me good.

Feel that sometimes, that, when we are looking how to approach a project or idea, that we tend to spend a lot of time chasing around getting absolutely nowhere. Far better to take a little baby step and actually achieve something. The problem is which baby step to take!

Think that tonight will be spent looking at some other ideas which I have, including going back to the funnel, or even a different one, you can never tell with me, what is going to happen next.

Might even decide to play with some private label rights and do some alterations to the original, which is something that I have not done for sometime, this is strange as I do love re purposing documents, it gives me great pleasure to take an original and turn it into another original document.

Back tomorrow.



Thursday, 7th November 2019

Another busy day split between my private life and the business world. was able to spend my regular fifteen minutes life chat first thing, then a phone call to my mobile phone shop to be told that my new phone had finally arrived. On the way into Town, went for a walk this morning instead of driving, dampish, but very pleasant.

Went past the Memorial Gates, to ensure that all was ready for Sunday, then across to the pet store, I have a reasonable sized aquarium for my tropical fish, noticed that the temperature was showing fairly low, so bought a new heater this morning, which I fitted this afternoon.

Then spent the rest of the morning in the mobile phone shop while the kind guy, transferred everything across for me. Will not be able to use it until tomorrow, as I have changed provider, have had that confirmed this afternoon.

This afternoon finally was able to look at my idea for the new project, at second glance it really is superb, but, not quite sure how I will fit it into my plans, think that the major question will be, can I sell products and use it as a funnel, or will it suit a membership site better. Always intended having a membership site, for the recurring income, but not just yet.

The thing is, that this programme will do anything that I want it to, from emails, using the autoresponder, calculating visitors, what they spend, also adding content automatically should I so wish. The one thing that will need sorting is the domain, can use a sub domain, which I will do to test it, but not sure about using one of my domains, if my host is able to transfer the domain I have, or vice-versa. So that, is something that I will need to sort out.

It might be an idea to do a demo for myself and have a general play, could be the best idea, to avoid wrecking a perfectly good platform. Do have a domain that I could play with.

Back tomorrow

Be Happy, Healthy and Wealthy.




Wednesday, 6th November 2019

Will write this whilst I have a few minutes, as it really is one of those days when I just seem unable to stop for more than a couple of minutes at a time. Think, however that I have time to do this before I prepare the evening meal, then off out to a meeting for the rest of the night.

After writing yesterday’s blog, played with some other ideas, with regard to the next project, had the odd idea but nothing concrete, was, as I said before thinking, forget all this research, go back to the old way, opt-in form funnel, bonuses and up sells.

Then I found a programme which I had never been able to open, thought what the heck, sent for a new password. This arrived this morning, so when I got back home and had some lunch, had a look, think that it could be just what I am looking for. Will need to dig deeper to make sure, but it could really work as I can add a lot of the material that I have already, it just makes my thoughts of the original system, when used with this one, appear to gel perfectly.

Do accept that it will mean an awful lot of work, very hard work at that, to get everything sorted out, but if it works then it will be worth it in the long run. Will have to study the new product in very fine detail first, but it could be just the right fit, it certainly is at first glance, though given what I had happen recently, every time I think that I have found the perfect new product, will hold my breath for a while longer.

Once again I am fired up, just hope that this time this is the one.

Will be back tomorrow.

Be Happy, Healthy and Wealthy.



Tuesday, 5th November 2019

The day here in the UK when children squeal as do the animals as fireworks are let off with no thought for others, still I suppose that I was no better when I was younger.

It has been a funny day regarding the business, have been trying to sort out exactly which way to go next, have done a lot of research trying to find the answer, but still to no avail. Think that I have found what I am looking for then it does not quite gel, or fit the sites or material which I have already. Rapidly coming to the conclusion that a change of tack might be called for, but in what direction I am not quite sure, in fact I am not sure at all.

Did come across an idea for one of my old websites, but am having trouble really getting into it, if I can and also find some material for a funnel, then I might just resurrect this old site, could update the content, as what I have found would be superb, the only snag that I can see with this, is the lack of funnel material, might have enough for a bonus and an up sell but that could be all.

However will check when I can get into this new material. Will once again be disappointed if this fails to materialise as well, but I will keep trying until something works, after all surely not everything can keep going wrong, or can it?

Reading some chat from someone I often communicate with, makes me also realise that I have just to sort out some social media, not just the connection, but how it all works. Think that Facebook could be favourite to start with, as I seem to think that I have a business page on there for my current site.

Think that I have rambled enough, back tomorrow, could be late, as I am out most of the day and early evening.

Be Happy, Healthy and Wealthy.



Monday, 4th November 2019

This will be either really short or late, have been tied up with personal matters just about all day, this did include spending the morning sat in a supermarket selling Poppies for the appeal, still the kind folk of the district did put quite a few lovely pound notes in, people are so very generous when it comes to supporting our Armed Forces Veterans. It makes supporting the Royal British Legion and the Poppy Appeal so very worthwhile.

The little time that I was able to spend on the business last night, disaster struck with a capital ‘S’, Yesterday in my blog I mentioned that I had come across an idea to build my list. Settled down started to do the essential research to get it started, then found using due diligence, that it was a lousy idea, that could cause me untold grief if I continued to pursue it, so it was back to the drawing board.

So where do I go from here in my efforts to build a list, the honest truth is that I am not at all sure, have lots of material on list building, but when I have studied these in the past have not been really impressed by the methods that were used, think that I may just have to start again as regards list building, could carry on getting the new website project ready and worry about the list for a day or so as I try to forget last night’s disaster.

It would not do any harm to add some re purposing to some of the material that I have earmarked for the site, either as bonuses, giveaways or even to sell. Think that could be the plan, to concentrate on the website, get some affiliate links ready, then try to build my list through opt-ins. In reality this is of course the basic way to do it, shortcuts are fine when they work!

Knew that writing this blog daily would give me inspiration and so it has.

So will sign off for now and get started, back tomorrow.

Be Happy, Healthy and Wealthy.




Sunday, 3rd November 2019

Good Evening to each and every one of you, do appreciate that it could be Good Morning or Good Afternoon depending on of course whereabouts in the world that you are residing.

This could just be very short tonight as I have not done a great deal, given myself some of the day off as it is Sunday. That is a good way of saying wanted a little break from it all.

Have managed to open another gmail account, which I must check when I finish this, to ensure that it is working OK. This then will enable me to look into this new list building idea which I have, Having said that have found a possible side hustle which I will also be exploring, but that could take a day or two to sort out.

It would appear that I am actually starting to do several things at once, not quite true, as I am aware of what I am trying to achieve, but do need to explore several avenues, then I will be able to tell which will work best to start with. Do not want to find myself as I have done in the past going so far and then finding that it either does not work, or more importantly is not for me.

Do want to get on with things, but know deep down that it is not going to happen overnight, also that it is going to be very hard work. This I am happy to accept, as it is only through hard work that we accomplish anything successfully. Think that you could call this the hard fact of life, or something similar.

Managed to do a little more than I thought I would do, will be back tomorrow.

Be Happy, Healthy and Wealthy



Saturday, 2nd November 2019

Good Evening to you all, have spent a lot of the day out with my son, youngest grandson and eldest great-grandson, we went to watch the football, it was a lovely family (all boys together) day out, which I really enjoyed, and needed.

Whilst planning the strategy for my business project discovered an idea to get a lot more traffic to the site, so as I work on this, will also work on the other angles that are needed to get the site up and running together. Will need a funnel to be completed, as I was working towards this, that will not be too much of a problem, I hope.

To make things stay in some form of strict order will need a new gmail account, that will in fact be my next task, as without it I cannot sort out some of the new plan, or get the autoresponder mails lined up and ready to go.

Said yesterday that I was a lot more content now that I knew what I was doing, or at least aiming for, this today has really given me a whole new purpose, just hope that I can carry this through this time. Do have a lot to work on and also to do, but as I said yesterday, must ensure that I plan really thoroughly and get the base down first before adding the bricks as it were. Social Media will play a big part in the plans so will have a lot of research and planning to do first on this aspect alone.

With being out for so long today have done very little else apart from look how to add the new strategy to the website, did try to add a new gmail account, but the computer struggled to get me in, so that will be the number one job tomorrow.

Back tomorrow.

Be Happy, Healthy and Wealthy.




Friday, 1st November 2019

Looking at my first line yesterday, suppose I could be very tongue-in-cheek and say that today is the first day of the penultimate month of the year, sorry but a little humour does not do any harm.

Have made a decent start on one of my possible projects, the new website, have started to sketch out in draft the first few articles, if I am honest have titled half a dozen or so sheets of paper, they are numbered, but these can, and almost certainly will be changed, that is the order, not the title, though you never know. The theory is that it gives me something to work from.

Sorting out my files, I am now able to put them in places where, not only do I know where they are, but am able to put them with any project that I think they will suit. The truth is that I have so much material that it is almost certain that I will miss out one or two really useful articles, however they can come in useful when I update the originals. Really thinking ahead, if I am thinking of updating articles before they are written.

When I am happy that a lot of unzipping has been down, will really get to grips with social media, there is just so much to sort out, but having said that I am really happy that at last I appear to have the bit between my teeth. At least I am trying to get the foundations solid.

Knowing me will no doubt do a little bit of straying off the straight and narrow, but as long as I keep returning and more importantly do not stay away from the main project for too long, it should be OK. By too long I mean possibly the odd hour, this will not matter, otherwise I will not remember where I am on the project which I am working on.

Back tomorrow,

Be Happy, Healthy and Wealthy.



Thursday, 31st October 2019

The last day of the tenth month already, time does fly, and you do not need to have fun for it to do so. Apart from shopping this morning, the day has been spent analyzing what to do with regard to getting a project ready, this is proving harder than I first thought, when I realised this, spent the rest of the afternoon listing items to do for the new website which I have ready.

Was a little concerned that I would not have enough material or ideas to carry this through, however having done my list had a rather nice surprise, it is large enough that at the rate of one article a week, I will have enough to last around five months.

This will enable me to have a really good look at where to go next, do know that I will be working with a solid base before I go too deep into it. Also know that I have a lot of work to do regarding social media, priorities will have to be worked out which to do first.

Starting to feel a lot happier as things begin to get a little clearer regarding the direction that I need to take. The only problem that I can forsee is that I could get rather impatient if things do not move quickly enough, will just have to say to myself get it right and get it true and it will all work out in the end.for you!!

As it is nearly my 2000 deadline, will sign off for today.

Back tomorrow.

Be Happy, Healthy and Wealthy.



Wednesday, 30th October 2019

What a difference a day makes, after finishing the blog yesterday and finding Monday’s things began to look up. Doing some unzipping and moving, I came across some articles on various aspects of setting up and improving the business. A very quick glance showed me where I was going wrong. Will be concentrating on them later as I put the plan back on track.

A few minutes ago was listening to a webinar which amplified the fact that I have indeed got it not quite right. Almost trying to put the cart before the proverbial horse.

Made a decision this morning while doing my affiliate blog, that whilst not quite going back to the drawing board, would be concentrating on putting things in perspective, and more importantly in order before going any further. Not sure yet if it will be the new website, the shop or designing a course, do know that I have a ton of research and work to do, now that I have finally found the problem out.

Appreciate that this will put things back a way, but, at last I feel that I can see the way out of things, really lay down a good solid base, and finally be able to monetise the site, with no more silver dollar moments, of which there has been far too many. Hopefully the days of procrastination are finally over, about time I can hear you sigh.

It is surprising how you suddenly begin to see things a lot clearer, for really no reason whatsoever. Think that I must put together all the notes and ideas which I have on the different projects, labeled and in one place so that when I have finished this first project will be able to pick up where I left off on the next one. This will make a change from, now where did I put that, and just how far have I got.

Will be back tomorrow.

Be Happy, Healthy and Wealthy,





Tuesday. 29th October 2019

Apologies for you for missing the blog yesterday, did manage around 350 words, in my haste to publish it to the daily blog page, managed to lose it, then failed to find it anywhere so hence no Monday Blog. It was a bit rambling as I had a day that started well enough then gradually went down hill as the day progressed, being able to air my feelings on the blog did help. The result is that today I am a lot better in mind and spirit.

Not sure if I have mentioned this before, but having such a lot of files to unzip, I have categorized them, then they are moved to a USB, the theory is to clear the hard drive of some of the junk which is accumulating, thus reducing the space which I have available and slowing down the computer in general.

Last night transferred some 11GB, in doing so decided that it was time that I stopped messing about and got rid of all zipped files by unzipping them. Know that It will take a while but it should give me more space on the hard drive with a bit of luck.

At the same time as I am going through the files can move some to appropriate file, also delete what has been duplicated. This might mean that my plans for designing a course, working on a new website, to name but two, not forgetting the videos which I would like to create could be delayed for a while.

The truth is I am fed up of working to a plan which I am not following, have many bright ideas, procrastinate far too much under the guise of thinking, but not doing, so it is serious get organised time and really get this show on the road.

It is stupid really, I have so much really useful material which I could really get going with, and, in truth am doing nothing with it.

By way of being totally stupid, have just found yesterday’s blog waiting to uploaded to this page.

That will do for today, thanks as always for listening.

Back tomorrow.

Be Happy, Healthy and Wealthy.




Monday, 28th October 2019

Have you ever had one of those days when it started of really well, then slowly and surely disintegrated as the day wore on to the point of wanting to throw the computer out of the window, and then not caring what happened next? Today is one of those days when I am seriously thinking of throwing the proverbial rattle out of the pram.

The day started fine, knew what my plans were, had visited my vision board all set for a cracking day, then as per usual I had a mini brainwave, or so I thought. Decided that I really ought to sort out a video for my new website, began to unzip some files so that I could add animations, lead in intreos, also outro’s. Then disaster started to strike, having unloaded a couple of files realised that I was not uploading or unzipping the files but canceling them, was pressing the wrong button.

Now find that the programme which I thought that I could use has changed its policy, I now need a programme update at a hefty premium, so it is back to the drawing board for a complete rethink of the video idea.

To be honest not quite sure what I am doing next, were should I go! Have said before that I am trying to do too much, now realise that I am, so will have to have another serious think. It is so annoying that just as you think that you have finally got it right, it all goes pear shaped.

The problem that I now have, is do I persevere with the video and try to sort it, leave the new site for now and work on another project. As usual I will not give up, but at this precise moment am totally and utterly confused.

As usual writing this and airing my frustrations has helped a great deal, still not sure exactly what I am going to do, but at least the computer is not going out of the window.

Back tomorrow.

Be Happy, Healthy and Wealthy.



Sunday, 27th October 2019

As it is Sunday thought long and very hard about whether I should do a blog or not today, as I felt like having a day of rest. However doing this let me have a rest idea, has given me a lot to think about, some good some not so good. Have begun to realise despite all my good intentions that I am getting myself totally and utterly confused.

Why? Possibly have too much going on in my brain, also I am getting very tired as I desperately need a break from it all, or should that be a holiday, even a few days would be nice.

Honestly think that a holiday is out of the question, certainly at the moment, so will have to think of another way to relax myself, any good ideas will be welcomed.

Tried to have a look at doing a video earlier, but failed to raise any enthusiasm, the same when I started to read some training notes, though in fact they were more akin to coaching, they did raise a little spark.

Have so much that I need to search through, must come up with some clever way of doing it and keeping sane at the same time, that would be a plan to accomplish and no mistake. Achievable, possibly, when, now that is the question. Even looking at my vision board is failing to inspire me this evening.

One thing that is surprising me, is the more that I waffle on the better I am beginning to feel, strange what some actions have on the brain. The only problem that I can see is how long will it last for when I finish this blog in a couple of minutes or so.

However will be back tomorrow.

Be Happy, Healthy and Wealthy.



Saturday, 26th October 2019

The rain at the moment is non-stop, it must have been raining, and heavily, for at least twenty-four hours, would not be surprised if we have some floods, fortunately we are at the top of the hill.

It may come as a surprise that I can talk about things other than my business, so will shock you even more, to know that I spent the morning helping to collect for The Royal British Legion’s Annual Poppy Appeal, it was a good job that it was indoors. As usual people are very generous.

Yesterday I discussed the idea of doing a vision board, did one last night, have put on a number of projects and sub-projects that I wish to do, varying in size from the next task downwards. It sits on my desktop, so it is visible every time I switch on the computer, what a good idea it is as well. Must confess it is something that I have heard about, but knew nothing about, can see me doing one or two more, possibly one subject related.

Have pasted and copied my About Me, Affiliate, Copyright and Privacy Policy pages from my other sites, ready to amend for the new website, in fact have amended the About Me page already, so when the rest are done, will launch the website.

Continue to unzip files and do some studying and training, continue to be amazed at not only what I have got, but at how much more there is, how much I am learning and continuing to do so.

Appreciate that some people think that you should concentrate on one subject or topic at a time, I am one of those people that literally thirsts for knowledge once I begin something. Perhaps the problem lies in the fact that I was in an almost desperate way just after starting the business, with having been scammed. Now that the money has been returned, am totally different, relaxed and really enjoying what I am doing for the right reason, that is trying to help people, without having to worry if I make money or not.

Here endeth today’s ramblings.

Back tomorrow.

Be Happy, Healthy and Wealthy.



Friday, 25th October 2019

Another day when I have been able to make a little headway, think that you do feel better when you can see what you have been able to achieve, it does not matter how much as long as you have achieved something.

Continue to plan the new website, have the basics mapped out, by tomorrow hope that I have been able to upload the basic elements to the site, still going ahead with the idea of using it to run alongside the courses that I hope to run. May also be able to add at least one funnel to the site, which will help to monetise things a little.

Do realise that I am trying to do far too much all at once, what bothers me, is if I concentrate on just one thing, such as the new website, will I lose sight of everything else that I am trying to achieve?

The answer to the last paragraph could be found in a new product that I have unzipped that is a vision board. Aware that ideally it should just concentrate on one item at a time, but what if I created a board with everything on? Highlight the one that I am working on, with the others alongside it. Then I could concentrate on the main subject whilst still being aware of what else I need or want to achieve, that is certainly food for thought, so will ponder that idea later on.

Continue to unzip files and allocate them to their new home, it is starting look a lot more organised, but appreciate that there is still a long way to go. We all mention time, or the lack of it, but whether we like it or not, there are only so many hours in a day, and we do have other things like partners and families to consider. This is not me moaning, merely being realistic.

Enough babbling for today, back tomorrow.

Be Happy, Healthy and Wealthy.



Thursday, 24th October 2019

It is quite surprising how things can change so quickly, have again had to have some me time, but this has, for once, not stopped me being able to do some planning.

As I have been saying recently have a few ideas where to go from now on, does involve both thought and planning, but is also beginning to excite me. In fact it is the first time for quite a while that I have felt so positive.

By chance came across a training video on starting up, and the four basic steps, quickly began to realise just how wrong I was in some of my approach, not too much of a problem, but I am missing the crucial element, not trying to get sales, in fact rarely offering anything, very spasmodic if I do.

So now have had to have a serious re-think about the entire plan. Not to difficult, but it will have to be done so that I do have something to offer. Cannot believe that I did not even have any form of call to action, so whether I like it or not, will have to go back and do some more basic training, before I can even think of moving any further forward.

Whichever way I go, I now realise that I have the skill set to design courses, train and teach people, and more importantly help them. The new plan, or the amended one will major on these mini statements, with their purpose at the core of my thoughts and ambitions.

Think that it will be a new website, as I mentioned before, using a domain that I already have, combining all that I have mentioned, but more importantly using my strengths and combining them together, with that all important call to action at the end, with an offer. Must also remember to marry in the social media connection to help get more leads.

OK so I have given myself even more to do but if I continue to feel so upbeat, it should not only be enjoyable but fun as well.

Back tomorrow.

Be Happy, Healthy and Wealthy.




Wednesday, 23rd October 2019

Today is one of those rare occasions when my personal life takes over just about everything else, so this blog will indeed be very brief, but I did promise when I started that I would write it before 2000 GMT daily, you will gather that I am off out again shortly and will be back in time to go to bed.

Do like to do these every day as I have said before it does help me to think about things that I would like to do with regard to the business, this has also been sadly neglected to day.

After I posted this yesterday realised that one project I had totally forgotten was my idea of course design, this is not on the back burner, merely a slip in this ancient ones little grey cells. Am thinking of combining this with the new website that I have the domain for, if that is possible, if not I will have to think of a different way of doing it.

Unable to finish off my attack on the e-mails today, so that will have to wait until tomorrow.

As will a longer blog as I am rapidly running out of time, so back tomorrow.

Be Happy, Healthy and Wealthy.



Tuesday, 22nd October 2019

Have actually been able to do something positive since I posted my blog yesterday, looking at all the material which I have amassed, it has really made me think about where do I really want to go next. Have decided to attack things on at least two fronts, can usually manage a fair amount of time to say cope with two or even three projects, if I am strict with myself.

This could mean say, at least five hours a week on each project, this would allow time for other things that I need to do.

Decided one thing that I would like to do is open an online store, this has been at the back of my mind for quite a while, I do have a few products which I can use, so will give it a go. Appreciate that it will take a while to set up, but as they say, my mind is made up.

Last night I registered a new domain, just for the shop, have been able to get a domain with my brand name on so have just added shop to it, this will enable me to continue to use my logo and motto.

So what about the other ideas, one will be to use a domain that I already have, this has not been used, to allow me to use it for one of my favourite subjects. Do have some material ready for a funnel, also some affiliates so that really is almost a no brainer.

The third project is slightly more involved but will use my existing site here to develop what I have already started, think that it could just be the thing that I ought to concentrate on, then I might just be able to monetize this site.

Do need to concentrate for a couple of days on sorting things out before I get to confused as to what is where.

Will be back tomorrow.




Monday, 21st October 2019

It has been a day of all sorts, managed to do a fair amount of writing, another article sent to my website, with already no less than nine comments on it, all very complimentary. One even offering to buy a book on the subject should I decide to write one, lovely comments like that make all the effort worthwhile.

Still in a bit of a quandary about where I go next with regard to the business, after writing my blog last night found that I have some eleven possible subjects which I could either write articles on for publication or even ready-made projects, it really astonished me when I added them up, as I just wrote down a list of ideas.

These do not include a lot of ready done funnels that have, as I said last night, have at least a front end and an up sell. Granted that they will need amending, so think that I have enough for now without doing anymore research in my archives.

The problem that I now have is how do I use them, suppose an E Book could be the answer by mixing a few of the subjects together, a video or just a straight forward funnel, complete with a few extra bonuses on the related subject, this would of course include some e-mail swipes for the autoresponder. The more that I think of this idea, the more that I like it.

Have still not yet gone away from the possibility of building a shop, I certainly have enough material which I could sell that has already been re purposed.

Must be careful or I will be in danger of procrastinating as if I dwell too long on what I should do about the project. Do need to unzip quite a few files before I can really progress much further.

Enough for tonight, back tomorrow.

Be Happy, Healthy and Wealthy.




Sunday, 20th October 2019

In the last twenty-four hours have been doing some very serious thinking about how I progress the business with a long term view of making some money.

Several things are apparent:

  • My website and its content is being totally ignored, have begun to rectify this, completed an article last night, added the media content and posted it. Then finished another article, this just requires media adding to it, then that will be published, hopefully no later than tomorrow. Will now spend at least one hour a day sorting this site out, also a programme which runs alongside it that has been virtually totally ignored. This is in the hope that I can now focus and get back on track.
  • The big question is where to go from here, there are several options which I have been thinking about since last night Do I now go all out with the funnel which I have started to look at? Get it finished and then market it?
  • Do I instead move to at least two funnels which do have at least all the content that I need at the front end, but then will need to be at the very least edited, they do have a back end, but would need more bonuses adding.
  • Continue to re purpose books which I have been doing for some time, with a view to either doing my own thing and producing them, as I do have a programme, or….
  • This is the big one launch a shop and sell my own products. This also does require a lot of thought and initial work.

Do hope when I have published this and had my evening meal, to investigate these ideas in depth and within the next twenty-four hours have a solution.

Tune in tomorrow and I could just have the answer for you!

Be Happy, Healthy and Wealthy.



Saturday, 19th October 2019

Would like to say that things are starting to look up a little, but are they I ask myself, not sure is the reply.

Certainly some positive moves have been carried out, just posted my first article to the website in a while, will be trying to improve my output on that score, have been very tardy of late, so must improve. It is alright writing this blog daily and I do enjoy doing it, it freshens my mind and makes me think, also keeps me aware of what I am not doing and what I should be doing, so suppose that is a plus.

Spent a lot of time yesterday unzipping files which I need to examine in detail, they do contain funnels which I can and will use. Do need to re purpose them, also add in some extra bonuses so that is another step in the right direction.

Came across many articles which have never been unzipped, let alone opened, think that was when I was getting silver dollar moments and lots of bonuses. I digress, these article mainly not be of much use to me at the moment, but did see the odd title that could be of interest.

As we all know, just one article re-purposed and freshened up can make a lot of difference. Give it a new title and you have a new article, more importantly it is yours.

Did unzip quite a lot yesterday, amazing just how much that I have to do. Find that I unzip one file and inside are lots more waiting to be done, often in huge numbers.

Very slowly getting things in some semblance of order with regard to my filing system. Often know know which folder to look in, makes a change from in the past when it was, oh! so that is where I put it when I unzipped it.

Enough ramblings for one day.

Back tomorrow.

Be Happy, Healthy and Wealthy.



Friday, 18th October 2019

Am really starting to get a little confused over what I should or should not do, with regard to my business. The side hustle idea is clearly not going to work for the time being, so where do I go to from here.

Have being having some very long conversations with myself over this, and possibly made a few decisions:

  • Do I give up – NOT AN OPTION – one thing I am not is a quitter, have also spent far too much money and invested a lot of time over the past few months to just walk away.
  • Do think that I have learned quite a lot about running a business on line, from all the training that I have done and the endless videos that I have watched.
  • The thing is to try to put into all into practice, feel that I have been doing so, but getting nowhere so what am I doing wrong?
  • Obviously what I am doing is not working, so I need to have a long hard look at what I have been trying to achieve. Realise that the plan is not good enough so have to rethink it.
  • This has left me with a few ideas, must not panic, but put an orderly plan into place, at the moment have had a couple of ideas.
  • The amount of material that I have amassed over the time that I have been online, has got to have some spark in there for me. So to this end will be spending a few days going through my files to give me inspiration.
  • Do I launch a new website, do have some domains ready, which are unused, the thought would be to launch it on a favourite subject of mine, but make it clear that it was under the branding which I have, I feel, got established. Would need to check out just what this would look like.
  • Sort out a training course, as I do love course design and teaching.
  • Carry on with the funnel and hope for the best.
  • Whatever I do, must build a list.

Plenty to ponder, but this is a great place to think and express my thoughts and feelings.

Back tomorrow.

Be Happy, Wealthy and Healthy.



Thursday, 17th October 2019

Sometimes it makes me wonder if it is all worth the effort, in fact if it was not for this daily blog which helps to keep me sane I would probably throw in the towel. However minor rant over, have spent far too much money to throw it all away now. This blog does keep me sane as I can get my frustrations out on it, the result being that I can then calm down and relax and get on with trying to sort out any problems that the day has brought.

Decided, if you remember that today would be spent sorting out the side hustle, this went fine until it dawned on me that it would not work in the UK. Do intend to make absolutely sure, but as it will take a lot more work and research to find out, will have to be put it on one side for now.

The result of yet another side hustle not working is almost three-fold. Am now searching all my files for something that I can use for a side hustle, will spend a little more time getting the funnel ready, finally have decided to set up Face Book Messenger properly. Did make a start but that was all.

Totally aware that I have to spend a lot more time and effort on social media, so this could be the kick up the rear that I needed, we will see, must admit that I am getting totally fed up with thinking that things are starting to gel, and then have yet another set back. Did read an article once that said learn from your mistakes and set backs.

Just hope that the statement is true, we shall see as always. This does mean that tomorrow, when I get back from town around eleven that my Friday is marked out for me.

Back tomorrow.

Be Happy, Healthy and Wealthy.



Wednesday, 16th October 2019

Today whilst I have managed to do some work to progress my intentions, the day has been mainly taken up with shopping, this of course does stop the good intentions that I started the day with.

Made a decision that due to the fragmented day, would do things slightly differently. This was brought about by looking for an e-mail which I needed to consult, regarding some research, having quite a job to find it, realised that the inbox, or files received was in a mess. This led to me going through them and trying to put them in some sort of order.

This could take quite a while, but, having said that still intend to spend tomorrow working on my side hustle.

During my reorganisation found a product which I had totally forgotten about, what is more important could save me a ton of work. It is an E-Book creator, which also creates the front cover and other such items. As at the moment I am doing just that on my PC, it does make sense to have a look at it, and then if it is OK, to use it.

Do have an awful lot of stuff that I have bought and forgotten about, wonder if I ought to have a real search through just what I have, if these were listed in a hand written file, they could then be referred to for possible future use. It would make a lot of common sense to do just that, but only when I have spent tomorrow doing the side hustle.

Think that at last my brain is beginning to function in a more orderly fashion, just got to keep it doing so, then at last things just might begin to happen.

Back with more ramblings tomorrow.

Be Happy, Healthy and Wealthy.




Tuesday, 15th October 2019

Thought that today might be one of those that was lost in the dark void of not having anytime to even write this blog, just how wrong can you be.

As I mentioned yesterday had some ideas for more content for the funnel, did as promised and gave them new titles and a cover, as well as the first few page titles. Do not know how you do your re-purposing of private label rights, but I always take a copy and work from that. Find that if I put my new content in red type, then I know what I have altered when I return to it.

Leaving the copy in the original type colour just confuses me, as I then do not know what I have altered, this used to mean that I was altering my alteration, the danger here was that I could go back unintentionally to the original wording.

Spent most of the morning at the opticians, also have a meeting to chair tonight, these are the reasons that I thought that little if anything would be accomplished today, so I am quietly pleased with my efforts, thus far.

This afternoon has been spent reading up on a number of subjects just to check that I am doing things the right way, found that whilst in the main that indeed I am, did come across a few gems that will help my business grow even more.

Have possibly changed my side hustle for now, as I have found one that appeals to me even more, the snag with this is I will have to spend possibly a full day getting it ready, so that will be Thursday at the earliest. It is a system that again will be on autopilot.

Will have to get ready to go out shortly, back tomorrow.

Be Happy, Healthy and Wealthy.



Monday 14th October 2019

Another mixed day today both with the weather and the work that I have managed to do. The work side is certainly scant today, the morning particularly so, just could not get any enthusiasm going to do anything. Did perk up this afternoon after a little nap.

Still struggling with sorting out various bits and pieces which I need to do for my business plan, just not going right at the moment, but hopefully will get there in the long run.

This afternoon decided on a change of direction to see if that would help, unzipped a few files which have PLR on, then I did buck up, have found three articles which I can use in a funnel, once they have been rewritten. Already have the titles and sub-titles penned in, so once I have finished this blog will be designing covers before I settle down to watch the football.

Think that if I am realistic have set myself far to large a target to achieve this week, given the items that were already in the diary, sometimes forget that I do have another life, though it would be nice to get the cash flowing.

One thing that I will be doing, in case it is not obvious, is as I find articles that I think could be useful, will re-title them, save them in a file that I have for my new funnels, then when I am able too, will re-write them.

Will try not let things get me down, but it is annoying , just as you think that you have the answer, something manages to go wrong.

Do not have a lot of time tomorrow so will have to see if I can do any problem solving, this time I will not worry if I cannot, though today was meant to be really getting it sorted day.

Back tomorrow.

Be Happy, Healthy and Wealthy.




Sunday 13th October 2019

Tonight’s blog will certainly be short having just returned from being out all day, also only just making my 2000 GMT deadline, so there is not a lot to chat about today, but we will see what we can do to make your visit worthwhile.

You may recall yesterday that I had started a couple of books, and completed the covers. Last night I found a third topic which fits in perfectly with the other two, so I designed that cover last night, just got the initial pages to insert, they will be done when I finish this blog.

All the time that I have been searching for ideas and inspirations for my funnel, then all of a sudden it begins to take shape, not sure if this was due to perseverance or just good fortune.

True I do have the content to re purpose but the start has been made, will of course need to decide what other material to add into the funnel, but will take one step at a time. Will not do the opt-in page until I have the funnel complete, that way I can make sure that I have the right lead magnet in place.

Still need to do a lot of work on the list, but that hopefully will begin to take shape when I sort out my side hustle, that is the priority for tomorrow, just hope that the problem is a little glitch and nothing more.

Apart from having a look at inserting the first introduction pages into my new cover, will not do much more tonight, being in the fresh air, not to mention the cold and rain has left me quite tired, so will sign off for today, back tomorrow.

Be Happy, Healthy and Wealthy.



Saturday 12th October 2019

Today has seen a change in my intended working pattern, have to be honest I may have achieved quite a lot, but not what I intended to do, however some work started or completed is better than none at all.

Started the day with the good intention of really moving on with my idea for launching my side hustle, though that word is a bit of a misnomer, as it will be quite a project with regard to helping bring in some passive income. Hit a few snags, so will need to re-evaluate it and see what I can sort out. Still intend to carry this through, assuming that I can solve the major problem which I appear to have.

Decided that rather than remain idle, fed up or morose, that I would try to begin to sort out a funnel, not forgetting some add-ons, uploads and all the other bits that go to making a really good and successful funnel.

Picked up a couple of articles from my stock pile, which I think I will lead with, surprise that they are both PLR, but they go hand in hand with each other, so when I get the rest in order they will be ideal. They follow each other perfectly, so have designed new covers and started on the first page or so.

Think that doing the two side by side if need be, will enable me to ensure that the content is not duplicated and that I am able to produce a couple of unique and hopefully interesting E Books. Whilst at the moment they are at the start of the funnel can easily move them as I decide what else to add in.

One of these will be the lead magnet the other of the why not buy this variety. Having said that if they are not at the beginning then what is at the moment the lead magnet can be the free gift or a bonus.

Feel that I am finally getting somewhere as I attack various ideas, does look as if I am dodging around a little, but am keeping things under control, and producing some goods.

Having spent most of the time doing the covers, have not completed or attempted much else today.

Will be back tomorrow, but it might be late as I am out all day.

Be Happy, Healthy and Wealthy.



Friday 11th October 2019

At last I think that I can start to see the wood from the proverbial trees, I can hear you sigh, he is waxing lyrical again, feel that today I have good reason.

You will recall that I have set out a plan to enable me to be better organised, or to get the show on the road. Have had a slight change of order and direction, but hopefully for the right reasons. The intention was to start by setting up a side hustle to enable me to get some money flowing in. Have not changed this idea totally, but am now setting up a project that should run on autopilot, whilst giving me recurring commissions. Might need to use one of my dormant domains and float a new website in order to do it.

It will probably take me a couple of days to get this launched, but when it is am hoping that it will prove to be not only worthwhile, but very successful, for that of course, we will have to wait and see.

Also managed to begin re purposing a couple of PLR products which I have, one for an E Book, this will take sometime which is why I am visiting it in little spurts, the other is a planner, which I will either use as a gift, or might even make into a course.

The theory behind both these projects is that it keeps my mind from going stale, whilst at the same time enabling me to have something to fall back on, when my other project is on the web. Do not see this as either doing too much, procrastination or anything else, just part of the plan as I really intend to move forward now.

Also slowly opening up a number of my zipped files, just cannot believe just how many that I have, do need to be watchful that I do not start to examine them too closely, otherwise the really important jobs will get forgotten.

Writing these daily blogs, is I find giving me a lot more drive and purpose as I can think while I am typing.

Must be time to stop rambling.

Back tomorrow.

Be Happy, Healthy and Wealthy.



Thursday 10th October 2019

Somedays you appear to have everything under control, be very well-organised and get all your daily plans achieved. Sad to say, that today is not one of those days. Despite my best efforts have not achieved a great deal least, that is how it looks to me at the moment.

Truth be told it has been one of those days when anything is just too much trouble, could really do with a few days away, forget the business, find some sun and just relax, or as the modern saying goes just chill out.

Did manage to sort a little bit of filing out, also found some useful graphics, which have now been moved to the correct file.

My website has had another article added to it, this one is on possibly my favourite subject in internet marketing that is private label rights. How anyone can ever say that they do not have, or cannot find enough material for their content, blogs or posts is totally beyond me.

Accept that you do have to be careful with the quality that you obtain, also realise that a lot of the free content is not very good, but the good quality PLR is really very reasonable. You can do so much with it when you get it as well. A lot of my books and booklets started life as PLR material until I completely changed them. Yes they do require work but in my opinion the effort is worth it. Also you end up with a publication that is totally yours.

Having just gone over these notes it would appear that today has not been the total waste of space that I feel that it has been, must be just one of those mood swing days. Let us hope that tomorrow is better in health and temper, as well as in the achieving of business goals.

Back tomorrow.

Be Happy, Healthy and Wealthy.



Wednesday 9th October 2019

At last on this lovely sunny Autumnal day things are beginning to move in the right direction, well at least I hope that they are, of that we will have to see.

Made some pretty far-reaching decisions in the last twenty-four hours regarding how to carry on with the business, these can be summarised briefly as follows:

  • Sort one, preferably two side hustles, to enable me to have some money coming in, both working on auto pilot.
  • Sit down and list all the courses which I could probably write and design. Reduce these to a sensible order which would make sense to a prospective student, to encourage future sales.
  • A slightly longer term project, designed to have a complete sales funnel, this would end up as being the major earner. This will also require a lot of work to get everything in place before I launch the product. A number of additional products to use as bonuses and freebies, plus the e-mails for the autoresponder will all need to be ready. Not forgetting additional products for both up selling and down selling.
  • Finally whilst I am working on the above plans, will start to get very active on social media.

Must be honest, feel so much better now, that I can finally begin to see the woods from the trees by having a defined plan, this is now in writing and will be worked on daily.

The first project of at least one side hustle has been started. Know what I am doing on at least one project, it has been launched as regards the registration and website, just now have to decide where to promote it to get the clients on the inside. May take me a little while to decide, but this is now a genuine live project, which will have a set amount of time devoted to it each day. That is until it begins to work on autopilot.

Know that you will forgive more today as I have more of the plan to look at.

Back tomorrow.

As always,

Be Happy, Healthy and Wealthy.



Tuesday 8th October 2019

Somewhat earlier today with my daily ramblings. Having a very productive time, which at times can be very confusing to say the least. Despite having been on line with websites for over eighteen months have begun to realise that I know little or nothing about internet marketing.

OK, possibly being a little hard on myself, but I have learned more today than I thought that I knew, while I have been researching, to finally decide on just where to go next with regard to my possible projects.

Have got so much that I could do, but not quite sure what is the best plan to adopt. Think it would be silly to start again as this could go on for ever, so I must really concentrate my thoughts, ideas and plans with immediate effect and get sorted out.

Looking at this logically will spend a little time with what I have got and decide how best to utilise these resources, it will not be easy, but hopefully will be worth it in the long run. Know that I have a lot of research, training and reading to do but needs must as they say.

If I could get my new printer working I could print out some planners that I have, these would make it a lot easier to analyze just what I have and how to use it.

Will I need another website I ask myself, not too much of a problem as I do have a number of unused domains, will see when I have considered everything else.

Just writing this and reading what I have written, makes me realise that I really do need to get on with it, while I have the enthusiasm, so will close and be back tomorrow.

Be Happy, Healthy and Wealthy.



Monday 7th October 2019

Nearly late again, getting totally carried away with the work that I am doing preparing for courses and products, that I nearly lost all track of time. The upshot of all my research today is to give myself even more work, doing planning, checking researching and of course list building.

Despite my good intentions have decided not set myself deadlines, just get on with what needs doing and let the timetable almost write itself, there are only so many hours in a day, and I do have to eat and sleep.

As a professional planner really should be ashamed of myself, but I am thoroughly enjoying what I am doing. If time permits I do hope to be in a position by tonight to look at things and say yes that should go there, this idea can wait and so it goes on.

In case, you are wondering what I am doing, it is for the courses which I am hoping to design, have not lost sight of the side hustles which I am thinking of doing, they can be set up in a couple of days hopefully, which means the course can have a rest, before more checks need to be carried out.

Have an awful lot of research and studying still to do, but will try to sort out some sort of action plan. It would help if I could get my new printer to work, then I could download some planners which I have and fill them in by hand, keeping them by the side of the desktop for easy reference.

The fun of working from home is endless! The problem I find is that unless I have planned to be somewhere I just keep working which I do know is not the best of ideas.

Having said that will be back tomorrow.

Be Happy, Healthy and Wealthy



Sunday 6th October 2019

This has been a funny day as I decided to take it easy for once and not do a great deal, so this blog will not only be small but almost minuscule. There does come a time in each week or month when you have to just relax and take it easy, if you do not then you either over do things, or wear yourself out or both.

Have done a little with regard to what I plan to do next, however got myself a bit of a tangle which is why I decided not to do a great deal, my brain just would not focus on the job in hand. Will give it another try tomorrow and see what happens.

Did manage to put a few more files away, so that is at least a little bit on the positive side, but I am afraid that that is all, so in one respect it has been very disappointing from my point of view as I had such high hopes of really getting on with things today, will just have to hope that I am more with it tomorrow. Know what I want to achieve, just got to find the energy to do it.

Think that it is best if I close for now, be back tomorrow.

Be Happy, Healthy and Wealthy,



Saturday 5th October 2019

Thought that I would get this done early today as I will be out for most of the day after lunch, I do like to keep to my promise of posting this by 2000 GMT.

My ramblings today may be a little on the short side so do forgive me, though some of you might be quite pleased that this might be the case, as you will not have to read so much!

As I said in yesterday’s blog intended to get going on a product ready to upload it to the world, things are not quite going to happen like that, did not realise just how much preparation is required even with no funnel, but I am not complaining at least I can see the objective that I am aiming for.

Read an article this morning on content, it was discussing the fact that the content has to be perfect to get people to buy, I can see the logic and agree with it to an extent, but surely that is just the beginning of their journey with you?, has not everything else has to be just so as well? There is no use having great content, with a tardy sales page, rubbish opt-in box and uninspiring e-mails, not forgetting offering a low cost piece of rubbish just because you got it cheap, and you are giving it away.

Do accept that the content must be worth reading, it should be engaging and interesting, holding the readers’ attention, getting their interest, hopefully getting them excited, so that when they get to the opt-in box they do not hesitate to sign up, happily giving away their E-mail address.

Getting to this stage is very important, so why spoil it by not continuing to give value. It is no use having great content if you fail to keep their interest when they arrive at your landing page, is their.

Have rambled enough.

Back tomorrow.

Be Happy, Healthy and Wealthy.



Friday 4th October 2019

It has been one of those days when I can honestly say that I have begun to achieve things. Began with getting well into categorizing lots of zip files, then opening up quite a few of them. Continue to be amazed at just what I have got, not to mention how much work is going to be involved sorting them out, hopefully it will all be worth it in the end.

Having sorted out one category will be able to use this in my course which I intend to design, in fact it will save me a ton of work. Just need to analyze it properly then put it into sections for transferring to video.

Also found another product which I will be working on tomorrow, this should be straight forward, once I am happy with the content as it does not need a sales funnel.

Just noticed that I said one, that should be two in fact, this one again no sales funnel needed and will probably be a job for Monday. Both of these should enable me to enjoy residual recurring income once they are established, we will just have to see.

You will gather that I am really getting buzzing again, it is surprising what a bit of planning can achieve, not to mention organization and planning. It is even possible that should my plans work that I could soon be making money.

Intend to continue to go through my files and categorize them, just hope that I do not find too many more bright ideas for now. Though I can always make a list and slowly upload them as I work through them.

Will certainly need a plan so that I can do what I need to, rather than my usual lets move to this next idea routine. Seeing what I do really want to do, intend to just go for it.

Will update when I come back tomorrow.

Be Happy, Healthy and Wealthy.



Thursday 3rd October 2019

Have very nearly missed my cut off time today, got rather snowed under with my business planning, not a bad thing I can hear you say, you are so right, after all getting our business sorted out is the ultimate way in which we can plan our future. This means hoping to eventually begin to earn some cash.

Starting to get quite organised in the way in which I file all my products, downloads, videos, training and anything else that I can find, there is only one thing wrong with this so far, it could take forever, this will then have an impact on my business and its planning. So will need to be very careful how much time I spend on doing this tidying up process.

One of my thoughts is to allow so much a day to do this exercise, accepting that I will miss some very useful material for my product creation, bonuses and general giveaways. It could be that I could use these at a later date, will have to have a really radical re-think.

Have come across some really super stuff for my courses or design school to be posh. This has addled my thinking somewhat, so will need to have a quiet moment to myself tomorrow to decide exactly how to proceed. Know that I have to really concentrate on building my list, at the same trying to plan all the components of the funnel.

The problem which I appear to have is struggling to get things done so that I can start to make money online. Have to be careful that I do not panic, or take it too slowly as well. It is somewhat of a dilemma to say the least.

Part of me wants to get really organised first and not worry about taking another few weeks before i am in a position to start seeing the list grow, and as a result start to make money, another part says you have bumbled along for far to long just get your act together and get a move on.

Think that both these attitudes are right.

Watch this space as I could have an answer tomorrow, when I will be back hopefully not so late.

Be Happy, Healthy and Wealthy.




Wednesday 2nd October 2019

The sun is shining, but an Autumn chill has started to descend, a sign I fear that Autumn is really upon us, not to worry, we can take heart from all the hours that we spend in front of the computer and not have to worry about the garden, or anything else for that matter.

Have been doing quite a lot of work sorting out how best to build my list, like it or not have come to the conclusion that I am going to not only have a web page but also a video to showcase what I can offer people. Truth be told still a little nervous about this but must learn to bite the bullet if I am to be successful on line.

If I think about it, once I get the sales page and opt-in page done, the rest is not to bad. Just a product to decide on, then a free gift, possibly more products and bonuses, not forgetting the autoresponder e-mails, so what is there to be nervous about, I ask myself. The little voice inside me says quite a lot actually. But do not let it worry you, just get on with it, write out a plan, find the product, look at what bonuses you have, do a sales page and video, upload and publish, guess what job done.

It really is that simple when you look at it like that, but unfortunately the real world is not at all simple as we all know. You have to apply yourself, work hard and try your very best to succeed.

Did some more research on list building, in fact I seem to be spending most of my time doing just that at the moment, so hopefully what I read, learn and inwardly digest will rub off on me and I will eventually build my list, offer it to those lovely people that are just waiting to see what I have to offer, and then come flocking to buy.

Enough of the pipe dream.

Back tomorrow.

Be Happy, Healthy and Wealthy.



Tuesday 1st October 2019

Sincere apologies, for some reason did not blog yesterday.

The night’s are really closing in now as we enter the last quarter of the year. The very heavy rain which we have had here in the Midlands has added to the gloom. But I refuse to be gloomy or despondent. Those of you who also look at my latest offerings on my website will notice that another article has appeared since yesterday’s blog was published.

Entitled “Make Money with Articles” I am surprised just how much interest it has generated, also the number of comments, all of which have been most interesting and very helpful. What has surprised me is the number of people who were unaware of the usefulness of article writing or the existence of article directories. Always do try to make my articles interesting and hopefully informative, so it is always nice to know when people find them of interest.

Carrying on my quest to decide just which way to go next in my business, am taking a few days out to study what I have and how it would be useful or otherwise, in building my sales funnel, hopefully to run alongside my website. Do seem at last to have some form of plan coming, it just needs fine-tuning as well as a fair amount of work to get it all together.

The next step will be to list what I have and can use, in fact that was started earlier today, having to be careful that I do not get too confused or the brain fried. The trouble is that I have so much stuff that at times I just do not know where to start, or even how to sort it out.

Continue to add a little to the course that I wish to design, can get really excited over this project, but realise that this is going to be a long term plan, with video’s, slides and screen shots all to plan and put into some sort of order.

Will be back tomorrow with more ramblings.

Be Happy, Healthy and Wealthy.



Sunday 29th September 2019.

Today being Sunday is usually the day when I do very little on the desktop, or the laptop for that matter, as I believe that you have to have a break sometime, so today’s comments will be rather brief to put it mildly, think that it is better to keep the Sunday words brief, rather than not at all. If I miss a day then the chances are that I will miss several, that is not the intention of writing a daily blog, it is to keep the brain active and the words flowing.

Realise that these daily ramblings are short anyway, as I have website articles to write, but feel if I make myself get on the keyboard daily to do this, it will help in the long run with my other writings, including the booklets and E-Books which I write.

Yesterday I found another video related programme which I mentioned, so last night I put in a few words to use as a sales page for my course, pressed the button and out it came. Just got to do a little tweaking, post it to the video and then when I am ready to launch the course the sales page is ready to send to You Tube.

Will try to start getting my Facebook bots page ready, not today but in a day or so.

Having cooked Sunday lunch, which took up most of the morning, think it is time to do something that i rarely do, that is watch the television.

Back tomorrow.

Be Happy, Healthy and Wealthy.




Saturday 28th September 2019

Another weekend is here already, think as one gets older the week’s seem to fly by. However as long as we are able to remain fairly fit and healthy we should be grateful.

Yesterday I completed the video that I was trying to create as a test run. Designed it as a flyer for the course which I am designing, it looked OK so I did all the bits and pieces to upload to a website which I no longer use, to see if it worked OK. Major problem it will not download to this site, so now have to investigate why.

It is possible that the video and the server are just not compatible, however will have to play when I get the chance.

One good thing regarding videos, during my work on checking what I had got and unzipping them, found a video programme, downloaded it and it is superb, different to the one that I am using, but will have a play with it and see what I can come up with.

The thought is that it can run alongside the other video, once I learn to download it as a different form of presentation, but we will see, certainly intend to give it a go. Starting to get my enthusiasm back again for the business. Do realise that I do have a long way to go and an awful lot still to learn, but I will get there.

Will spend sometime working on my course as I now know what my first one will be on. May do the new video programme as a sales page for it, as it downloads straight to You Tube, something else that I must get on to.

It is also important that I carry on with my course training, as I am learning quite a lot.

Must not forget to sort out my list building either. Trying to do too much, do not think so if I structure the week properly, it could be good fun. If I find that I am trying to do too much then I will have to cut back on something.

That will be enough of my ramblings for today, back tomorrow.

Be Healthy, Happy and Wealthy



Friday 27th September 2019

Almost like the weather which is extremely mixed in this part of the world today, so are my attempts at getting things done, sorting out problems and generally trying to get things going. This reminds me that I have not been on the video machine today, must get stricter with my timetable.

Began reading about Chat Bots as I seek to improve my social marketing and increase the network, realise that this is needed, but sometimes I just seem to wander off at a tangent. Do not think that it is procrastination, rather not focusing on what I am trying to achieve, jumping from one thing to another, without actually getting anywhere.

Must concentrate on the picture or business which I am trying to create, and not let my mind wander, I would say brain, but mine is clearly in minus, or reverse even.

At the start of the week did recognise the problem, promised myself that I would go back to my timed daily planner, be very strict and use a stop watch. Must make the effort and do this on Sunday Evening like I used to. I sometimes seriously question my ability to do internet marketing as I do seem to get nowhere, only one person to blame for that and that is me. Have to be honest here and say is it a lack of confidence in my ability to succeed.

Going back to Chat Bots, it does appear to have some merit, the only drawback for me is Facebook, which according to some is going through a funny spell, with what you can and cannot do. However it is something that I will consider this weekend, part of me will try anything to build a list, no list, no prospects, no sales, no money.

As school reports used to say must try harder, I certainly must.

Back tomorrow.

Be Happy, Healthy and Wealthy.



Thursday 26th September 2019

At last time to sit down and write a few words for my daily blog, Have recently had the cataracts removed on my right eye, today was clinic assessment day, having spent well over half a day there it has completely thrown my routine. At least I have been discharged for now, until the left one requires doing. Now have to visit the optician for new glasses, more money, must begin to earn some on line.

Have been able to assess some of the funnels which I want to use, will take time to get there, but I will.

Do to the hospital appointment not played with my video recording today, may get time to do so later. Do remember when I started this daily blog promising that I would do so by 2000 GMT, which is why I am doing this now, as I am due out shortly and will be back after 2000.

Not sure how anyone feels about scams, having been the victim of one. I hate them with a capital H. Age UK mailed tonight regarding the TV License Scam, have been aware of this for sometime, if I remember correctly did include this in an article that I wrote on this site some months ago. A colleague I was talking to tonight told me that the latest one is regarding Thomas Cook, these folk are just sick.

No tales of shiny dollar syndrome tonight, though I have the usual large number of “You must have this, or you do need this now”. As long as it keeps folk happy!

Will keep this short tonight.

Back tomorrow

Be Happy, Healthy and Wealthy.



Wednesday 25th September 2019

What started as a dull day has turned out to be really warm and pleasant after the heavy rain of yesterday.

Managed to get some work done today, the video creator is starting to take shape, have planned out a video to showcase the course which I am thinking of writing, it does make sense and is not looking to bad for a first draft.

Regarding the idea of designing a course, have begun to work out the initial content plan, also an idea for the title, it is surprising what comes to mind when you start to write ideas down, suppose that you could call it brainstorming, but we are talking about me, with the word brain!

Having been having a long think about my opt-in page, which site to put it on, should it I think be this one, then what do I offer, do I use a single product or a funnel. Should the opt-in page be a single copy or part of an article, suddenly I have begun to realise just how little I know, despite having been around for nearly eighteen months.

Think that the silver dollar syndrome hit me rather hard to start with, with the result that I procrastinated, when I thought I was working, still I do not suppose that I will be the first or the last to fall into that trap.

Could take a lesson from some of the sales copy that is written, it is so good that it easy to be caught out and spend money without really thinking about what you are doing. Recalling some of the money which I have spent, remember that it was often late at night. That must send out a warning if you are tired you are likely to say yes to just about anything. Probably a bit hard, but in my case totally honest.

Think that I have prattled on for long enough today.

Back tomorrow.

Be Happy Healthy and Wealthy.




Tuesday 24th September 2019

Had one of those days yesterday, am having another one today, unlike yesterday it is not about writing this blog, more about flitting around my downloads and products. Just seem unable to concentrate on anyone subject or item for more than a few minutes, an advanced form of procrastination comes to mind.

Suppose that the honest answer is to concentrate on one thing at a time for a given time and stick to it, could just try that when I have finished writing this, it does make sense, should have thought of it before, just proves that writing your thoughts down can have the effect of actually coming up with a bright idea.

It is not true to say that today has been totally unproductive, did spend fifteen minutes on my video creator this morning. That was actually planned. Have started to put some slides and words together as a taster for the course that I am hoping to design. The first thirty or so minutes this morning was outlined in my head, it just went pear shaped afterwards.

Think that I will have to go back to planning my week on a Sunday Night like I used too, it did actually work Planned the main items with a rough time plan, which was then itemised out the night before, cannot remember for the life of me why I stopped doing it.

Suppose that one problem that I have is being retired from actual paid employment, I have got used to doing all sorts of other things, such as gardening, shopping and preparing the evening meal. Made my life a bit of a bit and bob attitude, which I am finding it very difficult at times to get out of. This is especially true since I ventured into inter net marketing. This was not just to earn some extra money, but to relieve my boredom, and because I wanted to.

There are days when I do spend hours re purposing content for e books, or content for my website, other days like today are almost a complete waste of productive time.

However let us see what tomorrow brings, though I do know that I am going weekly shopping in the morning!, see what I mean!

Back tomorrow.

Be Happy, Healthy and Wealthy.



Monday 23rd September 2019

It must be because it is Monday that this poor old brain of mine just refuses to function. We have all heard of writers block, in my case today it is brain in minus.

However let us see what I can do about it. Whilst I have been playing with my new video creation toy, it made me realise a few things, I am quite capable of designing a course but I have one problem the sound or voice over. Need to check that I can do it on this programme. If not a thought occurs, as I do not have a microphone on the desktop, why not use the laptop and record to a memory stick.

Then add the voice off the memory stick and add it to the desktop recording, it will certainly be worth the effort if I need to do it. Have started to put in place some ideas for a course, the problem is do I make it long or short, also how much information to put in or leave out.

A plan of action is needed, no doubt that will change also the course content, then the subject matter, but I am looking forward to playing with it and once more getting my creative course design juices flowing.

Feel like a lot of google searches and reading up coming on. Still, it is all part of being an internet marketeer, though I sometimes think that I must be mental getting so involved. But heck I really enjoy doing it, it keeps me off the streets and stops me gardening!

Do wonder what a course would be like with no voice over, just some background music and words on the screen, sounds pretty naff to me, but will continue to play and decide what to do. You will gather that I am trying to keep costs down and avoid spending what I do not need to, until I can make some money. Then I will not mind reinvesting in the business.

Amazing have managed a few words.

Will be back tomorrow.

Be Happy, Healthy and Wealthy.



Sunday 22nd September 2019

We are told or taught, when we consider what niche to choose, when we begin to have a website, or blog on the internet, that we should choose a subject or field that we are passionate about.

Recently I came across some material for coaching, was mildly interested but that is all. Then I saw an advertisement on producing your own online courses. It made me sit up and take notice, here I am struggling to make a go of my onliune business, and there staring me in the face is a possible answer.

With a modicum of modesty it is fair to say that I am a qualified course designer and instructor. In truth I used to love designing courses, as I did teaching, but had not given a thought to combining the two into a business strategy.

So there staring me in the face is an idea that I could run with, and possibly also make some money, after all courses do not come cheap. The problem now is what do I design a course on, many things come to mind. One of my websites is favourite, but it will need a great deal of thought and planning.

Do realise that I will have to keep on with my present attempts at making money, as it will have been a sheer waste of time and effort if I do not do so, building my list is so very important.

At the moment intend to look at designing a course in the background, the same as I do playing with my video concept which I explained yesterday.

My words have made me think, we do not always look or think outside of the box. Deciding on a niche is one thing, but planning exactly how to monetise it is another thing entirely, especially if we have a talent or experience in another field of expertise, which we could utilize into our business planning or strategy.

More food for thought.

Be Happy, Healthy and Wealthy.



Saturday 21st September 2019

Trying to write this blog daily will certainly make my brain think, let alone the creative juices flow, never mind not having time for writer’s block.

A few days ago I bought a programme designed to help me make videos, several things here, this was not a silver dollar moment, but something that I genuinely wanted, using yesterdays principles. Have realised for sometime that I do need to begin to use videos in my business, it is the modern way to go, even if I do hate the idea of making them. Have played with Power Point, it is very useful, but a proper video the finished product is not.

This programme consists of many elements, which are in the form of slides. It relies on you adding your own text to slides, inputting the pre done animated slides and other elements such as background and music. The slides are then combined to form the video.

Have been playing with this since I bought it. Finally last night was happy enough with my first effort to add music and give it a whirl. It is by no means perfect, but reasonable enough to let me think about uploading to a site that I barely use,to see if it works. It can then be deleted from that site, but left in my archives should I choose to use it.

As they say the proof of the pudding is in the eating. Really just want to play with uploading it as a practice run, I would hate to spend time making it and downloading it to find that I could not do something or it just does not work when uploaded to my working site.

Have gone this way as I cannot yet, afford proper video equipment, will be looking in the near future about buying a microphone so that I can add voice over to this programme.

  • Are you using video in your business yet?
  • If so do you find that it works?
  • If not, are you considering adding it at some point in the near future?
  • Or do you think or feel that it is not for you?

It will be interesting to hear your comments.

Until tomorrow,

Be Happy, Healthy and Wealthy



Friday 20th September 2019

At least the new idea is working as I have managed to tear myself away from my business redevelopment and do as promised, write a daily blog, OK so it is only the second one. It will be interesting to see if I can manage to keep this up for three weeks, if an article that I once read on planning and habits is true. If I recall correctly it said do something for three weeks and it becomes a habit, we shall see!

Starting to have another crack at all the silver dollar moments that I have had over the last few years has to put it mildly really opened my eyes to what is sold on the internet, some is absolutely outstanding, others not quite as good, that is me being polite.

Some thoughts now come to mind regarding what we buy, and in some cases why, more importantly I feel we should ask ourselves the following questions first:

  • Do I need it?
  • Will I use it?
  • Can I afford it?
  • If I do buy it can I find a beneficial use for it?
  • What add-ons will they try to tempt me with? and will I be tempted to spend more than I first thought?
  • Am I buying it for the bonuses?
  • Will it prove to be of value, to me or my business?
  • Is it really worth it
  • Will I use it straight away or will it be stored to gather dust?

Unless you can answer YES to at least three of the above, including the last one, would suggest that you stay away from the offer and keep your money for another day.

Sorting through so far has made me realise just what a mess I have with regard to what I have put where, files are being reorganised yet again, with more sub files appearing. It is true that at the moment a lot are being parked in the same file so that at least I know where most of them are, at least that is the plan.

Hoping the sub-file titles will make it obvious just what is where. It really is quite embarrassing here I am trying to make money on line, yet it would appear that I have spent countless hours doing nothing other than procrastinate. More importantly spending money that I possibly could not afford, on things that I did not really want, just because of the sales pitch or I liked the bonuses, how sad can you get.

A final thought for today, received an offer this morning, thought yes this is really good, then I applied the questions to it as I have outlined above. Guess what, as good as it is, and yes I could use and afford it, but not now, so it could gather dust. So as much as I would like it I am not having it.

Until tomorrow,

Be Happy, Healthy and Wealthy.



Thursday 19th September 2019

Despite having had this website up and running for several months and writing a number of articles I have never got round to writing a daily blog on its own page, so have decided that it is about time that I did so.

Some of these blogs will of course not be very long, none will essay length, or come to that long enough to publish a book, to me the ideal length will be between 300 and 500 words, to avoid you being bored too much.

The big question is what will I be writing about? Anything and everything comes to mind as a starter, with the emphasis on Learning and Wealth. My slogan of “Be Happy, Healthy and Wealthy” does come to mind as how I would like this blog to be.

Do not intend to more than mention subjects which appear as articles more than briefly, as you will be able to read them separately, but could I suppose almost certainly refer to them as a reference when the need arises or to amplify a point.

Often I come up with ideas, be they for an article, a funnel, freebies, marketing strategy or a slight change in direction about my business, then I hit a snag, things are not quite right, so what do I do? Sometimes (rarely) try to sort it out, on other occasions guess what? I either do nothing and walk away from that idea, or go back to something I started a while ago. Nothing more than procrastination.

However this is about to change, recently read some serious advice, which made me think, how good this advice was. So I have made some serious commitments to myself, that I will get sorted out. It does mean having to go through all my silver moment purchases and dusty files on the hard drive, which will take time, but a plan is being formulated, this daily blog is part of it, I intend to blog daily no later than 2000 GMT. This I promise to keep too, the only exception will be due to ill health and not being well enough to get to the computer.

The next thing on my to do list is to work seriously hard at building a list, which I am ashamed to say that I do not have at the moment, as I say change is in the air.

Until tomorrow,


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