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This is the first time that I have ever gone off my list of subjects with a special article. The reason is simple it has been requested. You will have seen countless articles from people who need advice on how to build a list. We all know that we need one, how many times have you heard the expression:

“The Money Is In The List”

And guess what? It is. What you are going to read about in this article is a way to build your list, it is not free to do, and will not suit everybody, but boy does it work when applied properly. Hate to tell you this but you will have to work at it as I have found out.

It is without shame that I admit that this is a form of product review, I am a student member and I will receive a small commission should this be too your liking. However, have decided not call it a product review, as I feel the information that it contains merits its inclusion as an article to help and assist you in your endeavors, which are at the end of the day, to, build your list so that you can make sales.

The basic method is one that I have kept away from for more than thirty years, but on this occasion I actually recommend it, the method MLM, or Multi Level Marketing, it will certainly surprise me if you have never heard of it before. Many years ago it was all the rage and appeared to inspire one or two unsavory characters. Not to mention methods of acquiring both followers and money.

Even if you despise this method, as I once did, please read onto the end, if you do not, you could miss on a great way to build your list, not to mention earn some cash! Which could, done correctly, be considerable!

This product, is up front and honest, you get what you see, or in this case what they tell you, or put the work in and you will not only have a good number of leads, but make money whilst doing so.

The Idea

Unlike some of the older methods of MLM, this relies in the main on when you have added a couple of people to your list, they then add more people for you to profit from. It is the good old-fashioned let them do the recruiting, while you earn the commission. You can of course recruit as many people as you wish, which will also build your list even faster at the same time earning commission.

Do not let us get too carried away here, you do have to pay a monthly fee, but the cost is very reasonable as is the compensation plan.

You really need to have a free play with this system by clicking on the banner on your right, on entering the site you will get a quick tour and a seven-day free trial, if you would like one. This explains everything that you need to know about this system, which is known as “The Prosperity Marketing System”

Should you wish to upgrade at some point to what is called “Owner Add On” then you will be able to add your own primary business and training amongst other items to the system. Choosing your own affiliate links or systems into the programme.

One way of looking at it, is that you could run your own business from it as well, by adding it into the system. Am being careful what I say as I do not wish to cloud any issues, far better that you look at it yourself, even take the free trial, which I am sure will answer most if not all of your questions.

This is a complete funnel built system for you to run as you wish. To prove a point they give you four done for you ads which link back to you, one you can customise for your own company or website, have included mine here so that you can see what I mean.

The cost to upgrade to owner, is a one time fee of $97, you will always have to pay the monthly fee of $12 as long as you remain a member.

I am so convinced by this system that I will be upgrading to owner in the next week or so. (When my pension gets paid in. lol). It just totally excites me the potential that I can see by getting involved with this system.

The Training

You get very good training into how the system works, also some very handy hints and tips on how to use your computer. Have to confess, despite being here for a couple of years, still learned something about using word. Just goes to show that you are never too old to learn. The videos and scripts are clear and concise, detailing all that you need to know how the system works.

The commission or compensation system, put into English how you get paid, is explained very clearly on the video. The thing to always remember is that every time you get a new person joining and paying you, that you then also have a new name to add to your list. Love this system for allowing you to benefit twice.

Felt that the basic introduction to using a computer was a really good idea. However long you have been using the magic machine, a refresher on the basics never hurts. As I mentioned earlier even I found one or two useful tips amongst the many that are given.

The four inter net marketing videos are a very useful refresher for those who have been around for a while, whilst for a newbie they are almost invaluable.

There are two basic computer tutorials and four internet basic tutorials.


It would be easy for me to disclose just how the system works, but I would much rather that you see the presentation, and even have a free trial to evaluate it for yourselves.

Not only can you make money from this, but get a good number of folk to add to your list. This is making money now, whilst adding a valuable list for the future. For those who read my blogs on my website or Wealthy Affiliate, I will be spending quality time on this programme with immediate effect.

Not only do I think that this can work, I firmly believe that it can

The next and last article in series three will be “12 – Increase your Productivity”

In this present climate I pray that both you and your loved ones stay safe.

Be Happy, Healthy and Wealthy


4 thoughts on “Special Article – A Way To Build A List”

  1. I have recently started my own blogging website which includes affiliate marketing links. I am very new to online business and I know that I have to start collecting an email list, but my understanding is to wait until I have enough traffic to my site and then ask for people to sign up for say newsletters. Is this what you mean?

    I am really at the beginning stages of adding content to my site and still taking basic training courses. Can this be useful for me know? I am not sure I understand if I can be an added value to this system, when I am not yet established as an authority site on the internet. 

    1. Wow Cynthia, will do my best to answer all your questions, first the system that the article refers to will enable you to build your list, it also contains first class training in the basics of the internet and word, which I think is quite useful, plus of course how to use the system to get leads.

      Think that waiting for traffic, whilst it can be a good idea, using an opt-in list does help as soon as you can sort one out, with offers and such like.  This system does not require you to be an authority on the internet, rather it will help you to be one.

      Suggest that you have a look at the video, this comes up when you either click the banner or the link in the article which sends you to my site’s video, they are both the same, it might help.


      Edwin (Stuart)

  2. Hello there, thanks for sharing this wonderful piece of information here with us. I must say this is really educating and will surely go a long way. I have a couple of ideas on this but i don’t really know much on how to build up my list in such a way i could make money from it. Thanks for sharing this.

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