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This article is a follow on from the previous one, in the hope that now you have an idea how to use the internet to make money from home, this will help you to define which marketing ideas to choose.

It does not help when there a number of ideas which can help you make money, part of the answer will be which do you feel most comfortable with and how much work, and if needed how much money do you wish to invest? This will of course define your entire marketing outlook and strategy.

Another important factor is time, are you currently in full time employment? If so this will restrict the time that you have to build your business. If you are retired or currently not working whilst you will have the time to spend on building up your dream, you may not be able to spend a great deal of money.

However do not worry too much about the money for now, as it is surprising just what you can get for free on line these days.

Whichever of the following ideas and sections appeals to you, do run your ideas through Google Search, I have detailed one such search below in the On-Line Shop idea to help you.

Your Own Product

This section will barely introduce the vastness of the headline, so I will limit it to avoid causing too much confusion, it is also possible that some of the content in this article will overlap the content of some of my other articles, whilst this is something that I do try to avoid, I am sure that you will understand the reasons as I wish to give you as much insight as possible, without going overboard or too much skimping on detail. This unfortunately is also bound to happen.


It might be that you are an expert in your chosen field, to such an extent that you are confident to make your own video, or a training video, perhaps a training course, or even a membership site. Whilst such products remain under the digital banner, they will be your own product for you to market as you wish. If you produce enough you could use these in your on-line shop.

The next article in this series will also give you some guidance on writing or selling such products as E Books, also where to get the basic materials from.

Affiliate Marketing

This is very popular and can be very rewarding for a number of reasons, you do not need your own product as you are using someone else’s and they pay you for recommending their product, when someone chooses to buy it.

It will however require you to carry out some research on what the most suitable products are for you to market or recommend, do not always go for the best commission at first sight but study the product and its positioning in the market place.

Having used them to purchase a number of items I am now an affiliate of JVZoo , who have a huge amount of affiliate material, but a word of warning if you are a newcomer to internet marketing or to coin a phrase “A Newbie” you will have to explain this to the company, be honest do not waffle and you could be accepted the first time you try.

A way in which I search for suitable affiliates is by doing a google search, as an idea if you are shall we say in the health niche, with emphasis on weight loss, then just search for “Weight Loss Affiliates”, it is surprising how many this does bring up.

Have just found seven on the front page using these words, with a good number in the related searches. It is obviously up to you to decide which programme that you prefer.

An On-Line Shop


No I am not crazy, a lot pf people make a good living from having their own shop on-line, guess what they do not always use their own products either.

So whose do they use? Among others Amazon, who do pay a commission should visitors to your site decide to make a purchase. You will need to register with Amazon to get the affiliate link to use, this is so the company know who to pay.

Having said that you do not have to use your own products, you can use those that you have re-branded as in the section below. The shop which I am creating will have at the moment a number of E books that I have amended, also planners and journals which I have created from the originals. In the long term this will include video’s and training courses.

If this interests you try a Google Search for ‘My Own On-line Shop’, you will be amazed how many stores turn up for you to investigate, have just done this for you, and those that I looked at were all free. Whilst I obviously cannot vouch for them, two that I am aware of amongst others are Etsy and Shopify.


This is also a very nice business to get involved in, as I am dealing in depth with PLR or Private Label Rights in the next article in this series of twelve, will keep this brief.

When you purchase a product on line, you may have the creator’s permission to do what you like with it in this case you can put your own title to whatever it might be, a book, video, training course literally anything. You can also name yourself as the author, and often claim copyright to the product.

When you begin to offer your products to potential customers you will often need to dangle a carrot to get them interested, that means the use of a free gift or special offer, when you begin to gather your articles to amend or re-brand be aware of this as you will need a number of items in your locker, or hard drive in our case to enable you to offer some of these as bonuses, or ‘freebies’

The above is part of a front cover which I designed and relabeled, this is just to show you what you can do with a product should you decide to re-brand it, the contents were also totally re-written.

Having been around PLR for a while I have literally hundreds of items which I can use to re-brand or give away.


Hopefully this article will have given you a glimpse into what market you can choose for your on-line business and how to go about starting it up. Like all the articles in this series you will realize that a fair amount of research will be needed to put the bones on the bare offerings which I have attempted to give you.

The next article will be ‘PLR- Private Label Rights’

Stay happy, healthy and wealthy.



2 thoughts on “Which Marketing Ideas to Choose”

  1. I  continued on from the last post that you published to this one where you lay out some ideas on which marketing ideas that you can leverage to use with your website. You have laid out here some excellent options to monetize that website to earn some supplemental income or even a full-time income if you are so inclined.

    Personally, I have been working online for about 4 years now and in that time, have built a number of websites that concentrate on different things. I use separate websites because they are different market segments, and I want a congruent message to be communicated to the traffic that stops by for each website.

    What is the best niche or market segment? They all are good, and depending on what you want or have a passion for, you can then build out your dreams and goals, all while making some money to live on. The internet has been the great equalizer for anyone that wants to strike out on their own, even in a small way.

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