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Having spent some twenty-four years in the armed forces, followed by twenty-five years in the charity sector as a volunteer, I have developed a sense of wanting to help people. This is especially true with regard to helping them to have a better lifestyle. Another way of saying have more money to enjoy an even better life., not forgetting helping them with their well-being and personal development.  I do realise that this is a little bit of one size fits all, so will when I think that it is necessary develop a separate website to deal with a major subject which will be linked to this site.

Deciding that one way to reach out to the world was via the internet, I formed a limited company ESA Enterprises Ltd, to enable me to cover the wide range of interests which I have. All my websites come under this one company. This also enables me to offer manuals, blueprints, DVD’s and other items which I feel could be of interest to you.

A number of years ago over thirty to be exact I was in business with a partner who ripped me off to the tune of £37,000 this resulted in us losing our house to pay the debts.

Through hard work and sensible use of our money we were able to retire quite comfortably until the scammer struck just over a year ago. Having been scammed and losing all my life savings and bank accounts thought that it was time to improve my lot by using the internet to improve my cash flow and share with you some of the ideas that I am using to do so.  Pleased to say, that although it took over twenty months t do so, the Bank have finally returned my money.

The articles which I hope to publish will include ideas to help you improve your lifestyle, your personal development, your well-being, saving money, increasing your wealth, both personal and financial, and how to avoid being scammed.

All my recommendations are my personal views on the subject which I am dealing with at the time.

Please note that in no way does anything that I imply or say guarantee that you will make money, or be better off in any way.

I do hope that you enjoy this site, please feel free if you do have any comments or questions to send them to me.

Be Happy, Healthy and Wealthy

Stuart (aka Edwin) Allen






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  1. I’m sorry for your loss, but I admire that you get back into the game of life and keep moving forward.

    To Your Success!


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