Learning and Wealth – The Beginning


The title is intentional, we all need to learn, most of us need to earn, in order that we can live, hence learning and wealth – the beginning.  It does not really matter why we need to earn we just do, we could have a family to support, bills to pay, the need to put food on the table, and so it goes on.

Learning new habits, skills, just becoming better informed can all lead to the creation of wealth, but not just in the form of money.  We can be wealthy in different ways, such as improving our lifestyle, our health, our personal development even our relationships.

That is the intention of this website to help you become more financially independent and to become more wealthy in your outlook on life.

This will be done in a number of ways, introducing you to ideas that hopefully will enable you to live a more comfortable and enriching life.

The first port of call will be the review which I have published, the idea is to introduce you to some of the sites, material and ideas that are out there just waiting for you to try.

Please be aware I have been both scammed and conned so I have no intention of doing the same to you.  Any comments that I pass will be genuine.

To succeed requires hard work and a lot of it, I still believe that the Internet holds the key to improving your wealth, health and happiness.

With that in mind my future posts will be on not only how to succeed on the Internet, but how to improve your personal development to enable you to live a richer more full-filling life.  Not forgetting ideas on how to improve your financial well being and how to avoid being scammed.

I intend to begin by posting twelve article within the overall framework of this site to begin your journey into the world of learning and wealth, these are in the order that they will be published:

  • Designing your Life from now
  • Why you should set goals
  • What are good and bad habits?
  • Change your spending habits and start saving money
  • Be aware of the scammer
  • Reasons for having your own website
  • Why think positively
  • Why is self-development so important
  • Using the internet to make money from home
  • Which marketing ideas to choose
  • PLR – Private Label Rights
  • Why social media will help your website

It is hoped that these subjects will give you a broad base on what I am trying to achieve on this website.

Be Happy, Wealthy and Healthy,



2 thoughts on “Learning and Wealth – The Beginning”

  1. Learning and wealth often go hand in hand, so the title made perfect sense to me. There is a beginning to most things and ends with some things, but when it comes to learning, I think it is a life-long activity that we all can use at every point in our life. Most certainly that has been the case for me.

    It also makes life a lot more interesting too. There is so much information out there, and the pace is increasing with new information and knowledge being added daily all around us. Staying relevant and interested in life itself can lead to you picking up new knowledge every day.

    This naturally can also lead to wealth as you apply what you learn to earn a living, either working to make someone rich or working for yourself to make yourself wealthy over time. Either way, without some learning and knowledge, your chances of gaining that wealth are diminished.

    The series of articles that you are planning on posting all seem very relevant to the subjects of learning and wealth, so I am sure they will be well-received by readers such as myself who are constantly looking for ways to improve what we may be doing.

    Most certainly they will provide a beginning for many people, a good thing to get them started on taking action to learn and action to gain wealth for themselves! Great post, thanks…  

    1. Many thanks Dave, for your kind comments, thought long and hard about the title, know what I want to portray it is just a matter of finding the right balance.  So thanks once again.


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