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Another requested article, did cover this in a previous article in Part Two, https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/content/edit/452039#, when it appeared under “Attract visitors to your site”, in this article not only do I hope to go much deeper into this subject but as the title Funnel Building Secrets suggest, add one or two little extras that I have picked up from experts over the years.

Have always believed that passing knowledge or tips on is part of the enjoyment that one gets out of writing, whether it be books, notes or articles such as this, in some respects that is what writing is all about passing on knowledge so that others can learn, without the need to spend hours looking for it.

It is my hope that should you be well versed in the use of funnels, that you still find something of use in this article.

Why Construct a Funnel?

Suppose that the obvious answer is to attract people to your site to enable them to buy what you have to offer. Having got someone to opt in, you must now decide what to do next.

Just to repeat something which I have mentioned before an opt-in, is a form which you put on your site asking people to give you their e-mail details, it usually also offers a free gift, such as a report or e-book in exchange, as stated before please give good quality with your gift, not cheap rubbish.

One thing that you will need to decide is whether the Funnel is to be a short one or a long one.

A short one is where you get someone to opt in to your site, with the purpose of selling them just one item, or getting them to subscribe to your newsletter, with no additional items involved. Unless you really have a hot standalone item, personally think that this is a waste of a good lead, many others would disagree, but you must do what you feel is best. This method can also be used for just gathering emails, or building your list.

A long one is where you have the autoresponder set up with messages, so that your list can be kept informed what you have in the way of information, bonuses and offers, in other words a proper funnel complete with up sells, down sells and bonuses.

Before You Begin – What you Need

Here you need to decide what you have in the way of material or products. Do not forget that you will need an opt-in page to drive the customer to your sales page or website.

It is very important that the material which you offer, whether it be a free offer, a bonus or a product is first class as said in the paragraph above, offer rubbish or low grade and it will kill your business before you start to get it off the ground. If you are using PLR material from your supplier do get the best.

A basic example of an opt-in form is shown on the left, as I designed it, then you have my permission to copy it.

Some people use what is called the double opt-in system. When a potential customer fills in an opt-in form and submits it, they are sent an email asking them to confirm that they did send it. This cuts out any chance of you being accused of spamming, it also acts as proof that they did give you their email address.

The Correct Way To Construct a Funnel

As mentioned earlier you will need to decide if your funnel is to be one that eventually will offer more than one product, or just one. Is the opt-in page leading to your offer in fact for a funnel type product, or is it for a mailing list, membership site, or just one where you keep your list informed of updated information or what you have to offer in the future.

The construction of a funnel follows a defined pattern as shown in the infographic.

The pricing is just a guide from me, as people often worry about how to price their products and where to offer them in the funnel. It is not an exact science, but this funnel and pricing shown is a pretty average guide.

The important thing is that it gives you somewhere to start if you are new to this business of creating a sales funnel.

It is a good idea when putting your messages, offers and other items on the autoresponder too not just bombard your list with offers have two or three that have additional free tips or ideas about the subject. If you wish you can always give away another free gift.

Keeping them with just offers is likely to lose you a customer.

Get Help

If you need help suggest that you visit CindyBiber.com who is a total magician when it comes to funnel building.

Thought twice about including this company here. of which I am an affiliate, but as they do have some excellent products which deal with funnel building, thought that we might as well introduce you to one who is without doubt a very seasoned professional in the art of funnel building. Should add that she also produces some very useful checklists, some of which I am beginning to us in my business, Social Sanity is truly superb. This in fact is only partly true it is outstanding, I refer to it constantly. This is not about funnel building but hints and tips on social media., so I suppose I am giving you a free bonus here!

However, as usual I digress.

Cindy does do a very good Funnel Review Check List. Talking of check lists, pre-printed ones, even if you wish to tamper with them are really cool, because they save you a ton of work with bits of paper, or trying to remember what you have or have not done. Should point out that all Cindy’s material is personal use only, so it must be good for me to recommend it!!

This should not stop you from downloading and or buying some of her check lists as you can then tailor them to suit your own needs, have them printed off, and at the side of you computer as you work on site content, social media or even your latest product.

As I have unintentionally strayed into almost a review mode, on her site you can also find:

  • Business Operations Manuals.
  • Marketing Operations Manuals.
  • Funnel Design Workbooks.
  • A most useful guide to comparing landing pages
  • Membership Ideas and Checklists.
  • A lot of other checklists.

These are just a few of the items on offer. It is worth a look, like all my recommendations it is free to have a look at the site and then make your own mind up.


As always do so hope that you have enjoyed this article, please leave your comments below which we do value as we do the time that you spend making them.

The next article will be “3 – Auto Responder- E Mails”

Be Happy, Healthy and Wealthy,



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  1. Well! I am relatively new to this 2funnels building secrets and I am a newbie in the internet marketing world. But getting to know of so much information as per funnels building which would lead to leads generation seems like the reason I found myself on this post. I would definitely visit all the links on this post to read and digest the information’s there, so I can resonate well with this article. Thanks

  2. Oh this is really good here. Something I found out in this post is what funnels are used for. Since I have been learning about sales funnel, I didn’t really understand it and how it works. So it helps one turn those that visit ones site to become customers by giving offers or free products. I learnt about the long term and short term too. One thing I need to ask is that does sales funnel particular to those that do email marketing? Are they the only ones that can build a sales funnel?

    1. Hi Henderson, many thanks for your comments, to clear up a point funnels are not restricted to email marketing, I use them to enhance my contact with the client.


  3. Hey Stuart,

    Thanks for the awesome information! I am a little familiar with sales funnels and I work online building content. This helps me make sense of the “why” I am ordered to do something with a certain website that my bosses have me edit. My boss is a genius at this but I will have to visit the site you referenced and study up so I can be on a more even standing with him:)

    I look forward to reading the next page on e-mails as well!

    All the best,

    1. Hi Jim,

      Many thanks for commenting, so pleased that you will be able to speak with your boss on more equal terms.


  4. Hi Stuart

    I always think it is apt to call them funnels, as everybody who has used a funnel will know that when using one it can block and nothing comes out. I personally think this is the experience some people have of using funnels, you put everything in and nothing comes out. I really appreciate you going through about funnels and the best way to use them. They are not that easy to set up and it takes time to get it right. The link you have provided looks very useful and I hop to use it on my website.



    1. Hi Antonio, thank you for commenting, as you say setting funnels up is not easy, loved your comment on the blocked funnel.


  5. Hello there, i want to thank you for putting us such wonderful post. I have often heard about funnels but i don’t  really know what it is about or how it works. Although i have seen a sort of link on a particular website which took me to an online marketing page. Reading this post have given me an understanding of what all the process I have been through is. I’ll love to show this post to a friend of mine who own an online marketing site so she can benefit from this nice post. 

    1. Hi Chloe, thanks for the comments, glad to help you understand funnels a little clearer.  Please do pass the article to your friend.


  6. Hi Edwin. Thanks for posting. I’m a beginner in affiliate marketing, so I found out something new from you, for example, I didn’t know what creating a funnel was. Do I understand that offering a gift is essential for this type of business? Thanks for presenting CindyBiber.co who is a total magician when it comes to funnel building.


    1. Hi Carmen, many thanks for commenting, offering a free gift is not essential, but it is usual as a thank you for sending the email.  Glad you like Cindy.


  7. Hi and thanks funnels are new to me its funny i was checking out whats this funnel thing thanks for the information its quite a lot of understanding am I right in saying that is a most important skill to learn and understand when embarking on a online business very interesting thanks for info great stuff. after some research, what do think about Click Funnels

    all the best 

    Dwain Laing  

    1. Hi Dwain, many thanks for commenting, do think that it is an important skill to learn, not a fan of click funnels thought that they were too expensive, have now found other sources.


  8. Good and informative article about the secrets of the funnel building. Whatever your business sells, offers or what needs it fills, building funnel channel is a great choice. I am still on the beginning of my own online business but learning slowly. This business really needs patience. I knew what funnels are but I learned some new things, thanks to your educative article! There are also some shady businesses and even scams in this funnel scheme. Do you have reviews about sites offering funnel building courses and/or platforms for building funnels? 

    1. Hi Jesse, thanks for this as yet no reviews, but it might pay you to have  a look at Cindy’s site, the link is on the web page, it is free to look, there could even be a free offer or two.


  9. Hello, thanks for this really wonderful oust on funnels. My son just got into the line of blogging where his niche is on gaming and he doing quite well even as a starter. But reading about funnels seem like a very nice way to help him better his site. I would love to inform him about creating funnels. But i want to ask if its not going to he too much on him considering the fact that he is a newbie? 

    1. Hi Dane, many thanks for your valued comment, regarding your son, it is  a difficult question, but I feel that as long as he takes it slowly, and plans out his thoughts then he should be OK. Always PM on the site if you need more help or advice.


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