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This follows on nicely from the previous article on Funnel Building Secrets, you need an auto responder to send follow up e-mails to your list, this keeps them interested or warm on what you have to offer in the future, or next as the case may be. Do remember that when you have built your list it is the first step to help you to make a regular income online.

Keeping your clients informed of what you have to offer is very important, if you fail to do this they will forget you, then you have lost a potential source of income.

Remember many years ago attending a sales presentation, the guest speaker was relating how a member of his staff lost a big repeat order when asked how often he spoke to the client, he said once a year! People like to be kept informed but it must not be over done either.

First let us examine how we can send and develop autoresponder e-mails. Before I do so, this it might be a good point in this article that like many other parts of your business, to have a plan for your e-mail strategy, this will help to sort out your offers and bonuses in a logical sequence.

Boosting Business With Autoresponders

Let us begin by a brief discussion on autotorespenders, just what they are and what they can do to help your business be more automated. There are a number of very reputable firms that do have an autoresponder service, personally I use aweber, and have done for sometime, yes I am an affiliate but the site does all that I require of it. It will not do any harm, if you do not already have an autoresponder service to check them out.

What does an autoresponder do? not only is it able to gather information and e mails from those who reply to your opt-in form, but it enables you to post into it, your e -mail messages, and send them out to your subscribers at the defined interval as you require them to do so, thus saving you a ton of work, which is why you need to plan them as part of your campaign, also why you need an autoresponder.

Your E Mail Content

It is important that the content of your email is relevant, also that it does not look like spam, or as if you are desperate for their business (even if you are!). The way in which you send your mails to them is also important as this can affect your entire marketing strategy, your clients must be kept happy with your content, which must be relevant to your niche.

Use an engaging headline to attract attention, this will ensure that your mail has a better chance of being read, also improve the open and read method by ensuring that it can be read on mobiles, believe that some fifty percent are now read and opened this way.

To avoid having to design your e-mail swipes as they are called, every time that you need some, why not create a swipe file that has nothing but these messages in. As I mentioned earlier it is surprising just how many of these pre-done messages that there are available on the internet, have a look and you will be surprised. It is not my intention to say just copy them that is wrong, but certainly use them as a guide, you will find that this will help you when the need arises to use them. A similar idea to what we use when we have private label rights for material.


Build Interest With Autoresponder Messages

Make your messages personal, if you can, Dear Peter, Hello Peter or just Hi Peter, are much better than Dear Friend or Valued Customer. Ask yourself what would you prefer, that will answer your question, putting both you and the customer in the comfort zone.

An example from one of my emails which I have on file to use whenever I need to:

Subject: Having problems building your list John?

Hi John,

It does not matter how hard you work at building your list, something that we all need to do, but all your efforts seem to be not quite right, is that you at the moment?

If so do not worry we have all been there.

Do you see what we are doing here, making the customer not only feel wanted by using his name, but empathising with a possible problem that they might have, you then expand by offering to solve it for him. No I am not going to give you the entire sales pitch, I will leave you to work that out.

What Timescale For Follow Up Messages For Autoresponders

Did cover one idea in an earlier paragraph of the content, but this is really not about what you write but how often.

This is a very good question to which there is no definitive answer, I have a number of ready written e-mails for differing products, some are every three days, some every five days, some every week or seven days, even have a set for fifty-two weeks. That makes even me think, really, but if they are engaging then they would be worthwhile to look at and possibly use, even if I had to do some tweaking, with the odd offer thrown in.

Having decided how often to post how many do you send? this will depend on your campaign strategy, which is something that only you can answer, but it will also depend on the amount of material which you wish to send out. Have a fifty-week set that is really a condensed mini course, which I will explain in a moment.

The mini course could be an idea for an email that they buy into, if you did this, then would suggest that any other mails or add-ons were very carefully done. This could even be a series which is paid for monthly, another thought and yet another idea for an income stream!


As mentioned in the previous article, you need to very careful when you send out emails not to be accused of spamming, using a double opt-in list does help in this respect but you still need to be careful if you are sending out messages daily. Always make sure that you have an option to unsubscribe on each of your mails, making sure that it is visible.

Do so hope that you enjoyed this article and that if you were not aware of autoresponders, that this will enable you to use them and also to help build your business to the next level.

Please leave any comments below, we do like to hear from you and appreciate the time that you take in making your comments.

The next article will be “4 – Product Creation”

Be Happy, Healthy and Wealthy,



16 thoughts on “3 Auto Responder E-Mails”

  1. Hello Stuart, I must say that this article is very helpful and informative. Email marketing is definitely still one of the best marketing tools today so I plan to start with it again. In the past I was accused of spamming so I lost nearly all of my traffic, I can’t let that happen again, thank you for sharing.

  2. Hi,

    Thanks for this wonderful article about 3 autoresponder emails. I am involved in online business from last 2 years. But one mistake I have done hat I haven’t start email marketing yet. But from the last couple of weeks, I was thinking to start email marketing because as I realized how powerful email marketing is. But the main problem, I was not sure how to do that, which autoresponder should use, what rule should I follow when I send any email and how to write the email content. But after reading this post, all clear now. Thanks again.

    1. Hi Nazmun,

      Really enjoyed your comments, they make the effort of doing such an article really worthwhile.

      Stuart (aka Edwin)

  3. This is a really great review you have here. It is not just educating but value adding to my business and I am grateful. I have once heard how auto responders can be very helpful to boost business,but I didn’t have the zeal to use them because I lacked enough information and how they work and the great value they would be adding. This is very I am glad I’m reading this review. It has jot just put me through but give me guidance on how to use them . thanks for this great article.

  4. I also use aWeber and they are a great company to use for all your email needs and so great to build a network of clients.

    This post has reassured me I’m on track doing things correctly so thank you so much. Sometimes when I am working hard I do wonder if I am on track and this great post is so helpful to me and I’m sure many people

  5. I learned a lot about importance of using email responders. This is something I definitely have to use at my web page in time as well. You have truly worked hard to make make this informative article, and you brake the topic down easily to read. Thanks for you have produced this article. This will truly help others who have a web page as well. 

  6. This is perfect timing because my website is coming along nicely and I am getting a lot more interest in my niche site then the one I was building last year.

    First question. Is the email list that critical to building your business and making a consistent income online?

    My second question is to how to not be a pest and annoy people. I guess I need to research this more but I get annoyed by some email list and others I am happy to see. I think the biggest difference is the ones I like come across as helping me and providing me with things I need.

    1. Hi Rick, thanks for your comments.  The answer to the first question is that old adage ” The money is in the list”.

      The second one is slightly more difficult to answer, my approach is would I like to receive this email, is it of interest to me? What frequency would I like to see such mails.

      Hope this helps,


  7. This is very interesting, Edwin.  I’m not quite at that point yet but I think I HAVE experienced the client/customer side of Autoresponders.  I subscribed to get a newsletter from a particular place because it has info that surrounds my niche and I like to draw info from it to write my own posts.  

    The problem that I have experienced is that EVERY DAY I get an e-mail from this place asking for me to upgrade (purchase a membership) for a cost or some other deal.  I’m pretty sure these are generated by an autoresponder and, quite frankly, I find them a bit annoying and I’m thinking they are borderline spam.

    I give this example because you mentioned a bit about how frequently we should send out our e-mails and I think that every day is just a bit much and I don’t respond because of that.  I would think that maybe twice a week would be enough, maybe three times a week and they should be, as you mentioned, different. Getting them every day DOES make me feel like they are desperate for my business.

    Aside from that, I can see the benefits of having an Autoresponder in spite of how some may use it but, I AM curious about one thing.

    Let’s say that I’m sending out an e-mail to 10,000 subscribers (I should be so lucky).  Does the autoresponder automatically add the individual name to each e-mail recipient?

    I’ve learned something here today. Thanks,


    1. Hi Wayne,

      Many thanks for your comments, regarding the daily mails which you object too, is there not an unsubscribe option?  Regarding adding the name of the client, it can depend on your set up.

      Hope this helps.


  8. Yikes!  Thank you very much for this article.  As I read it I realized, I have not added an auto-responder to my own site yet. No wonder I have no way of collecting the names and email addresses of those that are truly interested in getting more of what I have to offer. You have a great way of explaining autoresponder emails. However, I was a bit confused by the title as I expected to find examples of three different autoresponder emails.

    I especially love how you added an example under “Build Interest with Auto Responder Messages”.  I am one who used Dear Valued Prospect, and I can see how cold that sounds now – much warmer to be called by name and will use that in my own autoresponders for a more personal touch.

    Based on your content, I was just wondering if I am adding new content to my site 2-3 times a week, sometimes I feel too frequent contact by email may drive potential customers away- would you suggest maybe once a week on a set day and time send out a new email to my signups on my list to highlight the new content on my site?

    1. Hi, sorry for the confusion the number 3 is the order in this set of articles. The way you add content is up to you but regular postings on a set day and time is always a good idea.  Many thanks for commenting.


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