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It is not rocket science, but if you wish to succeed with your online site then you need to attract people to it, in order that they can buy what you have to offer. When you attract visitors to your site, it is known as “building your list” in this business the saying is “that the money is in the list”, if you think about it, it is perfectly correct, no list no money.

How can people buy what you have to offer if neither of you know that the other exists.

Use of the word buying your product, also includes directing them to your affiliate sites should you choose to run a business based on affiliate marketing, however you make money or try to, you must attract visitors to your site.

The Opt-In Form

One way to attract people to your site is to have an opt-in form on your post which asks visitors to leave their email address, having just a bald statement saying leave your email here, very few people will do so, how then do we overcome this?

Give them something for nothing in other words a free gift

This is also known as a lead magnet, something to entice them to give you their details, leading them gently by the hand to your sales pitch.

It will depend on the type of niche that you are in, me I believe in digital products, so the free gift is not difficult, I have a large number in my library, mostly re-written private label rights. Whatever you offer make sure that it represents good value, in other words do not give just anything away, or any old rubbish that you no longer care about. Not providing value, will cause the potential customer to not return to your site.

Think of it this way, would you like to receive what you are offering? If the answer is no, then rethink what you are giving away or offering.

This has to be thought about sensibly, those who sign up for your free gift, thus leaving you their details are the start of you adding them to your list. In other words hopefully becoming customers for a very long time. So treat them like you like to be treated, with respect. Do appreciate that you will always get the “Freebie Hunters”, but this is part and parcel of the internet game.

If you do not want to offer a free gift, then why not devise a competition or quiz, yes offer a prize, say a free E Book to the winner, but they still have to leave their details.

You may wonder how you create an opt-in list, there are a number on some of the private label products which I have bought, which can be used. It can be as simple as using the one on Word Press called the contact form. It does not really matter which one you use, as long as it asks for their details, and what if anything they will get for giving it to you.

A very basic form is shown below.

However you grab their name it is then added to your list. Personally feel that what is known as a double opt-in system is best. With this method before sending or giving them anything, you ask them to confirm their email address, this reduces any possibility of being accused of spamming.

The First Offer

When you send the free gift, and a thank you note, you then have two choices:

  1. Add a sales page hoping that they will then buy your very low price offer, or
  2. A few days after the gift has been sent, send an email with the sales page attached.

From here this is entirely up to you, the sales page with the offer can be the end of the transaction, after all you have an email address which could be used for another offer in the future, but do not spam them.

This buy offer is often known as the up sell, you have given them something for free, now you are hoping to make some money. The up sell should be a product that makes sense in relation to the free gift. Do not for example give an e book on fishing and then try to sell a book on dog training. Much better that it is a book on training your new puppy, followed by how to look after and care for your dog.

The Funnel

The best method, once you have the email and hopefully the first sale is to build what is known as a funnel. A basic concept is that you add offers that gradually increase in price. To attract more sales you add free bonuses to each offer.

As well as up sells you can also add down sells, these are attached to an offer but a lower price rather than a higher one.

Briefly put the following hopefully will explain what I am saying.

Get the E Mail address

Offer a product for say £10, including a bonus

When they buy, offer another product at say £20, again with a bonus.

Send a thank you bonus, attach a down sell product for say £15

Another up sell product with bonuses for between £49/99

If you wish you can add a down sell product for between £30 and £75 depending on the price of the previous up sell.

Finally, if you are able offer a training or coaching course for say £499

Remember the objective of your sales funnel is to move traffic, converting that traffic into sales along the way

This infographic hopefully will give you an idea of the concept.


The ideas that we have discussed so far in this second set of articles, added to those in the first, will make you realise that to run your business efficiently you could spend days creating offers, changing e books, designing infographics, not to mention posting them to the site, then managing the visitors that you will need to respond to.

It does make sense to look for help to do this for you. There are a number of ways that you can do this, outsource the work, that is get someone else to do it for you, there are several sites which you can use to find someone to do the job for you, have used in the past to design and write pieces, you do need to also automate the business.

This is the purpose of this section to give you a brief insight in how to do just that.

The way that this is done is through an autoresponder, this piece of magic helps you to completely organise your business automatically.

There are a number of these useful items on the market, personally I use Aweber, (am not an affiliate) which I find certainly has what I need, another one is getresponse, which also appears to be popular. You just load in your emails set when you want them to be sent out and to whom, sit back and let it happen.

Not sure if I have managed to include setting up your account, so that you can get paid anywhere in this series, if not suggest you open an account with Pay Pal, it is of course free and they will deal with all your customers payments for you. Do not forget to add the payment button.


As always do so hope that you have enjoyed this article on attracting visitors to your site, also the explanation of the funnel system, which if worked properly can bring you in a very decent income, on the rinse and repeat principle automatically as will be seen in the next article.

Please do leave any comments below, your feedback is very much appreciated, as is the time that you take in writing them.

The next article is “How to become an Affiliate Marketing Expert”

Stay Happy, Healthy and Wealthy

Stuart (aka Edwin)

6 thoughts on “Attract Visitors To Your Website”

  1. I’ve heard of a nice tip for that first free gift bonus. Once read that someone would make an ebook by just making a compilation out of like 50 of his old articles. It appealed to me in that it gave old content a new use. Also, what do you think should be a good time between these offers you’re sending out? Should it be weeks or months?

    1. Many thanks Faheem, for your comments.  The compilation is indeed an old trick to refresh material that has been used, still though. Timing is difficult to do accurately, but three days after the first sell, then every say five to seven days, you need to keep them warm without annoying them, or letting them go cold.  Can always have one in between, with either a free gift or some good free advice.


  2. Thanks Edwin for your informative article.

    I think I like that funnel concept the most. I remember one time (before I knew what a funnel is) I found myself giving me email, then later buying a product which led to another offer which ended up as a course. Since I didn’t have the money for the course I had to leave it at that. You have reminded me of that concept and I’ll try applying that knowledge. 

    Could you please give a step by step guide? Thanks.

    Boniface form Androidbix 

    1. Many thanks for your comments, pleased that it brought back some memories, not quite sure what you mean by providing a step by step guide?


  3. I am always looking for ways to attract visitors to my page so a post like this is much appreciated. Giving something for nothing is great advice. Great question asking would you like to receive what you are offering. This perspective really ensures that you are providing a quality product. Great post!

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