How To Become An Affiliate Marketing Expert


Thought long and hard about including an article on Affiliate Marketing, for a number of reasons:

  • You probably know more about it than I do.
  • There is a chance that you do not know anything about it.
  • You prefer digital products, or those that you make or design yourself, so have no interest in Affiliate Marketing.

Then I thought, there are people out there who just may be interested enough to read this, even keen enough to get totally involved and make a reasonable living by becoming an affiliate marketing expert.

If that is you then please do join me as I explain briefly just what it involves. The emphasis here is explain briefly, as a number of books have been written on the subject (now there’s a thought – sorry I digress).

Have mentioned them before but a visit to Wealthy Affiliate would not go amiss with their free training package. It would also add to the notes which I have written here.

As I just mentioned books are written on this, so I have just picked out four topics which I think will guide you to becoming an affiliate marketing expert.

Affiliate Marketing – The Basics

As you will discover Affiliate Marketing is one of the simplest and easiest ways to earn money on line. This is because you require no experience and do not have to have a website.

There is a method for making sales, you can choose any niche or product that you like. From lawn mowers to bedding plants, the range is limitless, you just take your pick with what suits you.

If space permits in this article, you should be able to begin earning as an affiliate within a couple or so months of starting up, and getting your first affiliate links. From there I will hopefully be able to guide you onto the next steps as you improve to reach the expert level.

At the very least at the end of this article you will be able to lay down a solid foundation or plan to get you started.

Any methods that I discuss here are not ‘pie in the sky’ but proven techniques that do work. Should you already be an affiliate marketer or even just aware of what one is, hopefully you will still learn a new trick or two to make you even more successful.

As an affiliate your job is to promote others products to your list or visitors to your site, when they buy that product you earn a commission for doing so.

The infographic reinforces the benefits of being an affiliate marketeer.

So how do you find products that you can link to as an affiliate?

Researching Your Products

This could also be titled where does one start, or how does one start.

You may already have a niche, a blog or even a website, whatever you have, you will need to carry out research on your niche to discover what is selling well or ‘hot’ as they say.

One idea is to go onto Amazon and see what is selling well on there, then make notes, when you are happy that you know what is selling well, you then need to find someone who has an affiliate programme that you can join.

There are a number companies out there who have products which you can choose to be an affiliate for and I will look at just a couple that I can vouch for.

Clickbank: This is one of the affiliate industries largest providers of affiliate products, they only deal with digital products, the company is a network of affiliates and vendors who are gathered under one banner to sell their product. It is fairly easy to learn to use and does pay out good rates of commission, sometimes as high as 75%.

It is easy to join as an affiliate, visit and sign up, it is as simple as that, but do remember to take a note of things such as your sign in name, password and identity code.

Once you have signed up, go into site and look at the products which they have on offer. I have no intention of advising which niche you should be looking in, you must make that choice for yourself, by researching as mentioned above. When you have found a product that you think you would like to sell, sign up as an affiliate to it.

When approved you will receive a link, which you can put on the page where you are promoting the product.

A popular idea is to write a review of the product on your website, having links on the page to direct your visitors to the product so that they can buy.

JV Zoo: Not only am I a customer of this company but also an affiliate. They have a huge amount of products on offer whose authors are looking for affiliates just like you, the commission range is again quite good.

To sign up as an affiliate go to, when you enter the site on the top bar you will see “Sign in for free” do just that, entering your details could not be simpler. They do have videos which can watch to help you when you first start. Rather than waste space here suggest that you have a look for yourself, the products which their authors have for sale are listed in the Marketplace, again found on the top bar.

As for Clickbank, search the marketplace and request to be made an affiliate of that product for the niche which you have researched.

A word of advice, to start with look at items that are priced at a sensible level say £20 to £40, far better to get a couple of sales at these prices and earn possibly £40 to £80, than go for a high ticket item of say £250, in the hope of getting £125 commission and end up getting zilch, because the price is too high.

Building Up Your Portfolio

The two suggestions that I have made will give you the opportunity to market any number of products that you so choose, have included links so that you can have a look first, before you sign up.

However, start slowly, you should be aiming for around ten products to market, but do not rush into this, some ‘hot’ products will cool, so you need to have others waiting in the wings. Pick popular products, like them if you can, but this is not obligatory, it is easier to talk about and recommend something that you like or can identify with.

There are three sites that you really should use to find out if a product is a good seller or not, these are:

Each of these web sites shows differing trends regarding the products that you are researching, there is insufficient space here to detail them, so suggest that you visit each one, making note of the products that you are interested in and the comments from each of these sites, before you make a decision.

A Checklist To Your Success

Before looking at the checklist, have an infographic of the basic strategy, which may help you.

Below is a checklist to help you get on the way to becoming an Affiliate Marketing Expert. Please note that these are intended as one line type notes to guide you, they are not intended to tell you how to do it. There is plenty of advice online, to help with each category. Some of which would run to several pages if I included them here.

Organise Yourself:

Pick a network, Clickbank or JVZoo. Spend sometime familiarising yourself with how they work, then pick some products and get the links.

Pay Per Click:

This will depend on your budget if you can afford to go down this road.

Ensure That You Are Signed Up For Clickbank and JvZoo:

This is just a reminder.

Introduction Video:

Make a short, say one minute video to introduce yourself, not obligatory.

Use The Article Market:

Write articles and subscribe to any number of article magazines.

Join Social Networking Sites, not to be confused with Social Media.


Have covered this in my previous article but aweber and getresponse appear to be the two most favoured ones used by internet marketeers.

Build A Blog:

Consider building or setting up a blog on a free website.

Your Own Website:

Why not set up your own website to market your affiliate business.

Do Not Forget The Traffic.

Without driving traffic to your site you have no sales and therefore no business.


As always do so hope that you find this to be useful for you to really get on the road to Affiliate Marketing, please leave any comments that you have in the box below as they are appreciated, as is the time that you take to make them.

The next article is Using social media to market your business.

Be Happy, Healthy and Wealthy

Stuart (aka Edwin)

6 thoughts on “How To Become An Affiliate Marketing Expert”

  1. Hi, well I’ve been around and tried a lot, first I did ppc ads as a beginner, then I bought my printing machines for garment and wood, but after 4 years I sold it and now all I need is a laptop. For me, that’s the beauty of affiliate marketing, you can go to vacation, you can work from anywhere in the world as long as there’s an internet connection. Basically freedom, what’s more important than than? When my chilldren grow up, me and my wife plan on seeing the world, I just hope to stick around and grow my business for years to come. With help of WA and community here, it’s quite easier. Times are changing fast in online world, in 10 years I had to change my whole system a lot, but as long as you’re willing to learn new things and like to work for yourself on your own terms, it’s damn worth it. 

  2. I appreciate that you speak to affiliate marketers of all levels here, the beginner to the advanced. Affiliate marketing is always evolving and new niches are being created every day. Great explanation of affiliate marketing basics and the graph is really helpful. I’ve heard a little bit about ClickBank but I haven’t heard much about JV Zoo, so thank you for including it. JV Zoo having lots of products and good conversion rates is always beneficial. Wealthy Affiliate is a tried and true product as it’s one of the best communities and platforms out there. All reading here should definitely check out the links to see what’s it’s all about!

  3. I’m a starter in the affiliate marketing/online business section, but I think you brought the affiliate marketing topic very good to the reader.

    I like the direct suggestions to affiliate platforms like clickbank. In my oppinion you should use more images which show what you’re currently talking about (like a screenshot of clickbank etc.).

    On of the best things of your post is the conclusion/checklist, but I would suggest keeping it short in a numbered list so the reader can copy it to always have an overview.

    I’m very sorry that i can’t offer experience within this topic.

    Keep up the good work!

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