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Appreciate that this should be the delayed first article in Part Four, however for a number of reasons have decided to make it a standalone article. The reason hopefully will become clear given the type of articles that have appeared so far in this website, and hopefully will continue to do so.

A lot of this would have normally appeared in one of my twice weekly blogs, but feel that it contains so much that is important to the general way in which your or my business is, or should be run, that here is the place for it.

It will also help you to hopefully understand what a mess I could have been in, if I had not become aware of the problem that I was causing myself, hopefully this will also help you to identify any similar problems and deal with them.

Please be prepared to have to read quite a lot as I lay my soul or problems bare before you.

Hopefully I will present this in some sort of order, if it does get a little lost in the telling do please bear with me.

At the end of the day this part is all about motivation, this article shows that however hard you try, you can get motivated in completely the wrong direction despite your best efforts.

The Initial Problem

At last after some two years on the Wealthy Affiliate platform I am starting to see some reward for my labours, this is where the problem is starting to manifest itself.

A few weeks ago I realised the reason that I was getting absolutely nowhere! Nobody knew that I existed, so I began to advertise, this at last is starting to work but is the reason for my problem as well. Most of the day is spent on the computer clicking this or that, all connected with advertising.

At the moment I provide content for some eleven sites. This appears to be great in itself, but the problem lies in the fact that some of these sites need topping up with credits, on a regular basis, to make the advert being worthwhile. This takes a great deal of time.

All the adverts are easy I have a number which are on file and which I rotate on a regular basis, but if truth be told it is slowly getting me down.

Yes I have a system to start the day, this takes some thirty to forty minutes and includes the posting of the advertisements which are due that day. That part is easy, it is going through the separate inbox that I have for the business. This was set up to deal with advertisements and other such bits. Just going through the inbox around three times a day still takes a while as I now have around three hundred mails every time I switch to the inbox. This of course is without my private mails, and anything that I do regarding the WA, this again can run into around 300 mails a day, at least.

The reason behind the large number of mails is simple, to advertise, as you will be aware, you have to agree to take a number of mails from their advertisers, this is where the problem lies, as a result I get very little done on anything else.

Yes my current projects do get some attention, but increasing these and my work rate are suffering. Like many people having being involved for over two years, I have got a lot of material and possible projects that really do need looking at. Call it excessive “Silver Dollar Moments” if you wish, but some of it is useful, and if not, it needs removing, unfortunately it is not a five-minute job. The time that I spend deleting mails could be better spent on cleaning, sorting and using.

Sorting Out The Past

Having written the above, the way which I had thought of doing things has become a lot clearer. As many of you will be aware I am known as a planner, so devise a plan is what I must do.

This is not in any particular order, just as things come into my head, allowing for the fact that I also have a life outside of the business, such as shopping, gardening and the family, (I am sure that my wife thinks that I have a young lady that I spirit into the guest room, the amount of time which I spend up here)

  • Starting the day, this will be my normally thirty to forty minutes on the computer, which will only change should it be a shopping day which I tend to do first to get it out of the way, or since lock down, my weekly run out in the car.
  • Revisit all mails on my own e-mail, checking that there are no outstanding bits of business that need a look at. This will include products, projects and anything else that needs dealing with.
  • Check my file on spending to check that everything that I pay is needed if not cancel it.
  • Open any unopened files, store if needed, have a memory stick permanently attached to the computer, to enable me to move stuff off the hard drive at the drop of a hat!
  • Make a list of all the projects which I have started and let lie fallow, decide what to do with them.
  • Carry out a complete search of all files on the hard drive, move as needed. This could be to a working file, possible file, the memory stick, or just deleted.
  • Make a list of what I can do with regard to any outstanding projects, after all I do need to make money like we all do.

This list is by no means complete, but it does mean that I have a pile of work to do. Have also realised that I have projects that need sorting which I have almost forgotten about, as I get so tied up with everything else. (In other words I try to do far too much, with the result that I have the mess which I am now in)

This website also needs a funnel on it, do have opt-ins which I can use, but still have not decided what products to us, my new autoresponder also needs to be sorted out. Otherwise, even if I do advertise, I still need to drive people to my website.

The Future

The bad side of me can sum this up in one word “GRIM”, however the positive me, realises that, believe it or not things could be a lot worse, yes really, they could. After all I may not have a clue where to go next (OK tongue-in-cheek, I haven’t!)

When I finish this, will have to make a decision just where to go next, and how to sort out the many problems that I have managed to cause myself. It really is good fun being an internet marketer.

However, the more I think about it, it is apparent that this is exactly the right place for this article, as if I needed any motivation to get sorted out, then I have it here. Hopefully this will also help you to not only get motivated, but stay motivated.


The idea to write this article came when I began to get frustrated deleting e-mails this morning, I was doing nothing that was worthwhile to the business. Feel one answer might be to do what I have started do now and mass delete every couple of hours, saving those that I need for credits until later. Another answer would to use sites that do not require me to keep getting credits.

Having read some of the comments in live chat recently, realise that some of our members have far more problems than I do, it is so good that we can turn to each other for help, or in my case to just have a blast and clear the air,

Being totally selfish at the moment, feel an awful lot better having just get this of my chest, so thanks for reading, hope that you did not get too depressed!!

Do so hope that you have found this to be of some use towards your motivation, if only what not to do.

As always if you have any comments we would love to hear from, your comments are appreciated as is the time that you take in making them.

The next article will be “1 – Being More Productive Working From Home”. Hopefully this will be ready by next week, honestly it is nearly done, just needs some media adding to it.

In these troubled times please do stay safe.

Be Healthy, Wealthy and Wealthy.

God Bless


The Learning and Wealth Entrepreneur

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  1. Reading through your article i found myself shaking my head in agreement. What I have seen and even done myself many times. How to prioritze your time is what most of the issue boils down to,in a productive manner. For me the best time saver I have found is to look at emails with morning coffee, a quick glance through I open what looks to be important first,after my cup is done no more emails. If I havent gone through all of them oh well- another day. Then I do site comments mine I answer any I have recieved then I offer 10 to 15 for other sites. Every other day I rotate one day I write ,the other day I market on social media. That way I am also doing something towards my website on a daily basis. Good luck it will come.

  2. Md. Asraful Islam

    Thank you so much for sharing with us an interesting and excellent article. The principal content of this article is Use All You Have. It is really pretty that you have demonstrated this topic so well in your article. I have learned a lot by reading your article and gained a lot of cognition about it. Of the points mentioned in your article, I like Sorting Out The Past. The aspect of motivation that I always follow in my life is the next step in success in any endeavor. Honestly, you don’t have to work hard to succeed, you just have to work hard and be honest.

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