Learning and Wealth – Part Four- All About Your Motivation


At last Part Three is finished so we can now move on with the next three parts which form a logical progression. This part on motivation leads into Part Five which is Change Your Habits, this will be followed by Part Six – All About Your Self-Improvement. The theory being that you become motivated, which leads you to changing your habits as a result you can then work on your self-improvement.

Without motivation, you might as well give up what you are attempting to do, and go and quietly vegetate in the corner, until you are no longer able to do anything.

Harsh but very true whether we like it or not, no motivation, no life, no future.

Sorry my friends but this is reality, so please sit up and take notice of the twelve parts of part four as it all about motivation or to be crude:

“Getting off your butt”


” Making it happen”

We live in the real world, and as such if we want to do anything then we have to be motivated to do it. Sounds simple, it is, what is not simple is being sufficiently motivated to do it. Hopefully if you stay with this part until the end of the twelve sections, then you should be really motivated to give it go.

The Topics

As usual it was a question of what to leave out rather than what to put in, also in just what order, however here goes.

The twelve articles or parts of this section are:

  1. Being More Productive When Working From Home: If you work from home, whether for a company or run your own business, it is very important that you maintain the same level of production that you would if you worked in a factory or office. At home you have a lot of possible distractions.
  2. Staying Motivated: This is very difficult should you as suggested above, be one of those whose employer allows them to work from home or you run your own business. At home distractions abound. As a many people are being forced to stay at home, or work from home due to the coronavirus, think that many will already have some experience of this.
  3. Kindness: This topic could cause a few of you to raise your eyebrows. Just what has kindness to do with motivation? I can hear you ask the answers might just surprise you.
  4. Set Goals: If you set yourself goals, it is surprising just how much it motivates you to improve your productivity.
  5. Being Organized Can Make Life Easier: This will lead to increased motivation.
  6. You Need To Go Past your Comfort Zone: If you push yourself beyond your comfort zone, then you will find yourself motivated sufficiently to increase your level of production.
  7. The Hurt Of Rejection: It is surprising how when one is rejected, whether it be by a lover, a family member or a business proposition how much the rejection can hurt, also how long it can take on some occasions to learn to come to terms with it. Using self-care and healing can help overcome this.
  8. Does Promoting Yourself, Make You Feel Uncomfortable? If your answer is yes, then you must stop, re-eveluate yourself, be proud of what you have achieved, and wish to achieve, sing your qualities out loud. Then watch as you become more motivated.
  9. Do You Have An Inferiority Complex?- Look For The Signs: If you suffer from an inferiority complex, think that you may do, or are just not sure, then you need to look out for certain signs to help you identify the possible problem.
  10. Be Careful, The Signs Of Being Nice Can Be Dangerous: How can this affect your motivation? the answer may just surprise you!
  11. Do You Blame And Critise Yourself? This is likely to be very unhealthy in your outlook, this in turn can affect your motivation.
  12. Do You Live In The Past? If the answer is yes, then it is time to move into the present, how can what you did in days gone by help you to increase your motivation?

The Reasons

The reasons that I have chosen these subjects are many, it was difficult to decide just how to balance the literally hundreds of ways in which your motivation could be not only be affected but also improved. Which is the reason for the topics which I have chosen. In the real world, I suppose that some of them, if not all, reflect my own thoughts, on my personal motivation.

No doubt that will surprise you given some of the subject headings, but I am big enough, old enough and honest enough to at long last understand most of the things that make me tick.

However, I am not arrogant enough to believe that I am anything even approaching perfect. Being able to recognize where you are not quite perfect and thus increase not only your motivation but also your productivity, also your happiness and approach to life and your success, is a great help.

Those of you who have read a number of my articles, will be aware of the setbacks which I have had to endure in my life so far. These include a broken marriage, a failed business, loss of our home, being scammed and having our bank account emptied.

Guess what! I am still here, maybe a little battered and bruised, but still able to get up in the morning to face the world. Not forgetting still trying to make a living on the inter net scene. That my friends, is what I think, I would call some form of being motivated, would you not agree?

Future Thoughts

It is possible that Motivation could become a serious subject, complete with a funnel and a number of articles on the subject, including some free ones. Having read this last sentence, even include such items as checklists and mind maps.

At the moment that is a thought for the future, but there is nothing to stop me, somewhere within these articles, from beginning to develop this idea. In which case watch this space!

Has This Helped With Your Motivation

Did think about putting this in the conclusion, as I do not like long conclusions, thought that it would be better as a separate paragraph.

You may wonder why I have also included being more productive alongside improving you motivation, that is simple.


Whilst I appreciate that this is just the beginning of part four, with just the topics briefly outlined, do hope that just seeing what I intend to write about in the future will begin to help your motivation, or at least think about it, should you need too.


Do so hope that you have enjoyed the introduction to part four, appreciating the difficulties that I have had in deciding what to include and what to leave out, also that the order of each item may be somewhat erratic.

As I now have a number of other business interests which also take up my time, I am hoping that I will be producing a new article on this site, roughly every two weeks.

The first article will be “1 – Being More Productive When Working From Home”

If you have any comments, as always we will be pleased to hear from you, they are always appreciated, as is the time that you take to make them.

Stay Happy, Healthy and Wealthy, and in these troubled times also please stay safe.



10 thoughts on “Learning and Wealth – Part Four- All About Your Motivation”

  1. Motivation comes and goes for me. I usually find myself motivated when I check off the goals I set. It is just a feeling of accomplishment and once I get that habit going I can keep it rolling. However, it sometimes is hard to get right on track after vacation for me. I am a creature of habit, once I slack out a bit I tend to procrastinate.

    What I do not is to keep my goals as optic as possible as a reminder for myself to keep me motivated. I also reward myself for accomplishing a goal so I am motivated. 

    1. Thanks or your comments, I can empathise totally with theproblems that you have on occasions, think that many of us are the same.

  2. This is a good overview for a person like me who left my nine to five job and started working from home, having no one to report to, but myself. I have to get up have breakfast and although I didn’t have to go in traffic, I get in the habit of getting dressed(casually) and going over to the other side of the house where  I have set up my ‘office’. I appreciate the tips encouraging me to praise myself, and to work closely with my goals. I also tell someone close to me what my goals are to put in some accountability, reporting to someone helps me keep in line. Thanks for the tips.

    1. JJ, thanks for this, pleased to hear that you are setting yourself up so well at home, keep up the good work and many thanks for the comments.

  3. “Getting of your butt and making it happen” I am am touched by these powerful words. Procrastination they say is a thief of time and often a time I a guilty of procrastinating. There are powerful topics that I should learn from in this powerful article you have published now. Hopefully by implementation of what I learn here I will have a much improved and highly effective and productive daily life. Thanks very much for this wonderful article. 

    1. Thank you so very much for your kind and thoughtful comments, so pleased that you enjoyed the article.

  4. Heloo there, learning and wealth part four all about your motivation; this is really an amazing topic. Motivation is one amazing or fascinating tools.. it really does have a may advantegeous and benefits to every individual. Motivation serves as a drive to do more. I enjoyed reading through this article, I will definitely visit your site some other time. Thanks

  5. helloooo dear, wowww nice work youve done here, i am really glad i got to seethese post, i very love your sense of humour on these post alot, , i also want to thank you for the hard work you put into bringing these website together, your choice of words and writing skills is really amazing, and the description of each words you shared makes it easier
    for the readers to form an opinion, i already saved these post so as to come back for future reference

    1. How very kind you are, it does make the time taken to research and write these articles worthwhile, when I read such lovely comments.  Many thanks.

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