12 Increase Your Prouctivity


The title can conjure up all sorts of ideas, are you a factory, do you grow vegetables, and so on, we are of course talking about your personal productivity in whatever you do. We can all with a little thought, increase our productivity.

Having said that the question for most people would be, just how do we go about it?

If you wish to be more productive, do we have enough hours in a day to do it? Or should we analyse our work ethic and get more organised at the same time. Interesting questions which we will do our best to answer.

If you have read Part Eleven, you will be aware that I mention that having a goodnight’s sleep can increase your productivity, one of the many ways that we can get more productive. Do appreciate that some of the suggestions which I am discussing here have almost certainly been touched on in other parts of this website, needed to ensure that some ideas were included to make it more complete.

Plan Your Day

What a surprise he is back to the dreaded plan word. Why not? I ask? if you plan your day it should make you far more productive, than just ambling from one scribbled note to another. Worse still, not being able to decipher them because you wrote them in a hurry.

As a late friend of mine once said of me on a reference of my abilities, he was born to be a planner. Not quite sure about that, but I do believe in planning and love to do it.

Why not use a planner, that guides you with your thoughts, plans, ideas and goals. You can make your own from originals, allowing you to decide how you want to plan not only your day, but also your week, month and year.

As always you can go over to my good friend at Createful Journals and grab some freebies.


Whatever your plans, you must have some order of priority. Using a planner, preferably adapted to suit your needs will help you to achieve this.

In fact, I have started despite my belief in planners to develop my own. It is very simple, a blank Word Document, select, then Text Box, I use the simple one, into there I input whatever I need. Keep adding to these boxes as you need to. Have been using this method to plan books, my bookshop and a number of other ideas. When I am happy with my layout I even put a completion date beside the subject in red, when complete I then put that in, but in black.

This way it enables you to not only track your progress, but as you fill in each completed item, gives you a feeling of actually achieving something positive.

Increase Your Productivity Through Mindfulness

Imagine on seeing the title of this section, that you thought that I had reached for the happy pills, so sorry to disappoint you, despite enjoying a most excellent glass of Merlot, am perfectly sane and sober. This title and its contents are the result of research into the subject in hand.

If you want to increase your productivity, you can do that through mindfulness. Studies have shown that people who practice mindfulness have a greater output than those who don’t.

Plus, using techniques involved in mindfulness can help you maintain a clear focus and lead to the ability to make better choices for productivity. When you practice mindfulness, it helps to unleash the intuition that can influence your choices for the better.

That means that you’ll focus on thoughts, ideas and take action that allow you to accomplish the goals that you set for yourself. Mindfulness prevents you from having to overthink situations.

This frees you up from the chains of inactivity. You’ll be able to bring your thoughts back to the task at hand. When you’re working on something and it causes you to feel frustrated and to think negatively about the task, mindfulness can centre your thoughts and give you calmness.

This then helps you to be able to give whatever you’re doing your full concentration. You’ll also be able to see what needs to be done more clearly. When you practice mindfulness, it keeps you from spacing out and losing focus on what it is you’d like to accomplish.

Plus, this focus lessens anxiety which can derail productivity. It allows you to keep moving forward. Mindfulness enables you to find an inner satisfaction with whatever it is that you’re doing which lets you be fully engaged in the task.

This will make a difference not only in what you get done but in how you get it done because your interactions with others and with yourself will change for the better.

You’ll gain a greater sense of commitment for the follow through. Mindfulness is a technique that can be used to improve your cognitive skills. This unleashes your thought processes to free your creativity.

This enables you to see other ways that you can get something done other than the way that you’ve always done it. Sometimes when you’re working on something at home or at the office and you need to be productive, you can feel pressured to perform and to get it done.

Mindfulness can eliminate the pressure and give you the freedom to calmly think through the steps that you need to take. The reason that this works is that mindfulness allows you to recognize the emotions that you feel, but to focus on what needs to be done in a non-judgmental way.

So you learn to act rather than to react. With mindfulness comes a greater sense of confidence in your abilities and in your skills. Rather than think negatively and have a can’t-do attitude, you’ll learn to foster a can-do attitude toward whatever you’re doing.

Having just read this section on Mindfulness has made me realise that a few weeks ago I actually it, did not at the time realise that I was. Was having to do some in depth sorting out on my computer relating to the business, got really fed up with it. Went down the garden for a think, realised where I was going wrong. Sat down did one of my planners and after a few moments thought, began to draft out a plan. Fogginess cleared, action to take decided.

Yoga and Meditation

These two subjects follow on nicely from the previous section, but have been put in the same section as Yoga and Meditation tend to be classed or grouped together.

People who practice personal productivity also utilize yoga as a very effective technique to increase their focus. If you feel tiredness too often or you feel fatigue after a tiring day at the office, then, you must practice yoga and you will see a new change in yourself and your working ability will also be boosted.

Ananda Yoga: This discipline is a preparatory one for entering a state of meditation. Gentle postures, correct body alignment and focus on breathing are all used towards the end of preparing the Yogi for a meditative state.

As you will appreciate these two subjects are both so involved that I could write a volume on them both. In fact, I have just begun the outline on one of them, which will certainly be over one hundred pages, and take an age to write, will disclose the subject when it is ready for publication.

Just felt that by adding these two into the mix that you would understand just how involved increasing your productivity can be. The point is that you will have to work at it, but then you will also be able to reap the reward.

However felt that to go too deep into these two subjects could wind up getting you off the track rather than keeping you on it. The fact that you are aware that both are important to your productivity, I feel is sufficient.


As always do so hope that you have gained something positive from this article, which is the last in part Three. Please do leave your comments below, we do so enjoy your feedback and appreciate the time that it takes you to make them.

Looking forward to you joining us in Part Four, as you discover Parts Four Five and Six link together, almost like a trilogy.

Part Four discusses “All About Your Motivation”, Part Five is “Change Your Habits” and Part Six is ” All About Your Self-Improvement”. As you will see the three topics link together quite nicely.

Be Happy, Healthy and Wealthy.



9 thoughts on “12 Increase Your Prouctivity”

  1. Hey, I enjoy a lot while reading your awesome guide to increase our productivity. Now your tips and guide gives confidence to everyone like me. I was not planning my day before reading your article. Now I plan my daily work and getting awesome results. Meditation and Yoga are also very useful for increasing the productivity. Thanks for improving my productivity.

  2. You are not the first person that brought up mindfulness. I think it is important for us to just calm down and focus on our task at hand. It is so easy to focus nowadays when we have so many distractions and we just do things auto pilot and that is not a way to live or even be productive. 

    I have been practicing yoga and meditate or years now (mostly Vipassana). I am a shitty meditator but hey I tried. I find that I am not as moody as I was and I am more able to focus and prioritize things better. 

    1. Thank you for your interesting comments, pleased that you enjoyed the mindfulness piece, interesting that you do both Yoga and Meditation.  When I do meditate find it most restful.

  3. Awinikistevie

    Hello Edwin,

    I consider your article great and educative. Planning is indeed an integral part if one must attain success in any area. From your post According to stephen covey ” The key is not to prioritize what’s on your schedule but to SCHEDULE your priorities.   I think one area many people fail to understand is prioritizing. 

    thanks for sharing this with me.

  4. Hey nice article you have there. Your articles has always been awesome. Mindfulness is a key factor to what we can achieve in life, what we focus our mind to achieve without any form of distractions, we will surely achieve it. This article has really inspired me alot. Looking forward to read about motivation and changing your habit in your next articles.

    1. Many thanks for your kind comments, so pleased that you enjoyed the article, will start to prepare the next series shortly.

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