Why Is Self-Development So Important


Like our previous article on why think positively, most people will be thinking well of course I know the reason it is to better oneself. This is absolutely true that is why self-development is so important to enable you to better or improve yourself, so why do so many people not do it?

Looked at logically people often do not think that is important to continue to develop themselves as they think that they are to old, this of course is not true, you are never to old to learn, so why should you be to old to learn to self-develop?

Some people when they leave school, whatever their exam results think OK that is it for the rest on my life, they end up going from one mundane job to another. This theme could be continued to such an extent that it could actually become an article, that however is not my intention.

What Do You Want In Life?

Ask yourself the question honestly, you could be surprised at the answer, or how much you really want certain things, so why not go out and get them now. We are not talking about spending thousands on a new car, but enriching your life and yourself, by developing you into a person who is full of life and purpose.

The sad thing is that most people discover what they want when it is too late, usually just before they leave this life for good, and that is such a shame that they could not discover what they really wanted earlier, their lives would have been so much richer for it.

So sit down, make a plan, write it down, where do you want to go from this day forth? Only you can really make this decision but it would not hurt to have a chat with your partner about it. We often have chats, my wife and I about my dreams and ambitions, often she just smiles, or shrugs her shoulders, but she always listens, that is so important, that no matter how stupid the though or idea someone is prepared to listen. It does you the world of good.

Procrastination, Let It Go Now

Let us not kid ourselves you are a rare bred indeed if you do not at least occasionally procrastinate, you think that can wait till later, or it is not that important, I will have a cup of tea, or go for a walk, or a drink with the lads.

I remember very well that old saying;

“Do not put off until tomorrow, what you can do today”

If you do put things off then you are procrastinating, whatever you may think that you are doing. In Business it has been proved that people who procrastinate cost an awful lot in lost hours and therefore production. Let us be honest most people would rather discuss last nights football or the latest soap, opera, than getting straight down to work, which is what of course they are paid to do.

If you do one thing after reading this article let it be that you stop procrastinating, it is harder than you think, but your life will be better for it. If you are employed so will the company that you work for.

Getting to Know Fears and Phobias

If a person has any fears or phobias they can have a devastating effect on both them and those around them, such as family and friends. It is important that should you suffer in this way, that you are honest about it with those you love and work with to put these fears and phobias behind you.

It might be that you or someone you know who suffers may have to seek professional help and guidance, if that is the case then seek that help sooner rather than later. You may not realize it but these fears and phobias can hold you back from enjoying a rich and purposeful life.

So if you do suffer please take whatever action is needed to rid yourself of any fear or phobia, so that you can improve yourself development, and begin to enjoy life to the full, to the delight of all who know you.

Solving Your Problems

A could ask one hundred people a question, that requires a simple yes or no answer, as a percentage the result might be 70% Yes and 30% No.

In relation to the way in which we carry out our daily activities, we do not have 100% enjoyment or happiness and 0% problems, or even vice-versa. We can often have more problems than enjoyment. Some people are really good at handling problems in the right way. Do you know how this is?

They do certain things in certain ways, here are a few examples or ideas for you to copy.

  1. You must start by learning how to separate your negative type feelings from the positive ones. Consider this to be the first step in learning to solve your problems. Only when your mind has been cleared of the un -wanted clutter, can you then begin to solve your problems in an orderly fashion.
  • Look and treat each problem as a new challenge giving you a further opportunity for improving your self development.
  • Do you blame others when mistakes occur? If you do then take the responsibility of the mishaps squarely where they belong, on your shoulders, no one is ever totally perfect although we might like to think that we are.
  • Try writing down the problems that you feel that you have, with the possible answers to them. You should then be able to evaluate just how far your thoughts have gone into solving the problem.
  • It is a good idea to keep a journal, in this very private document, jot down any problems, complaints or anything else that annoys you. This is just for you so be open and completely honest with yourself by writing freely of your thoughts and problems.
  • It will help lessen the stress in your life if you develop a worthwhile hobby. This will take your mind away from what is bothering you and maybe help come to terms with it.
  • Have some ‘ME’ time, go out and enjoy yourself, meet new friends, learn to relax.

The above seven suggestions will hopefully help you to maximize those positive feelings which you have already. However if you are already beset by a number of problems, try the following:

  1. What is the exact cause of the problem or problems, if you are not really sure, ask lots of questions about it or them in the form of why’s or what’s, you should be able to then identify the problem.
  2. Aim to act for a solution by thinking, planning and coming up with an answer to the problem.
  3. Think positive, by giving yourself a total desire to solve the problem.
  4. Keep situations under control by reviewing actions before you take them, thus avoiding repeating problems to reappear.

Do remember that problems are problems, we all experience times that catch us at a low ebb, but problems are not there to annoy you. They are created because you are unable to accept your limitations, once you accept this problem solving should be a lot easier.

If you really need something that your limitations will not let you have, accept it and move on. If you can move towards solving your problems then you will find that this another step in your self-development.


Do hope that you have enjoyed this article and are able to, use some of the thoughts that have been mentioned, appreciate that this is a very complex subject and that I have barely touched it, this would in fact take a very large tome to do so. As always please do leave any comments in the box below, as they are very much appreciated.

The next article will be “Using the internet to make money from home”

Stay happy, healthy and wealthy.




4 thoughts on “Why Is Self-Development So Important”

  1. Marios Tofarides

    Hey there,

    Self-development, in my opinion, is essential for personal growth and success. I am a positive person and I want to operate with a growth mindset. Having a growth mindset, in this competitive and ever-changing environment, means learning new skills, soft and hard, new abilities, try to do new things, things that might be scary at first, but will help you advance in your life.

    Thanks for a great post!


  2. Hi Edwin!

    Improving yourself is important in the same manner as eating, sleeping and “breathing”. I remember when I was younger, actually much younger, people used to say” “we are using just 5% of our brain!”. Now, after a few decades, people say the same.

    Although technology develops tremendously, people use the brain and develop themselves in a similar way as decades before. Still, education is improving, and on the other side, many people can’t educate themselves in a better way or improve themselves.

    It is a known statement that a healthy person is one that is healthy physically, mentally and financially. It means, having a healthy body, mind and substantial financial ability to leave a normal life, worthy life.

    Missing one or another can lead to illnesses in any way, frustrations, discouragement and so forth.
    So, improve physically, mentally, financially and change your life to better!

    Thanks for sharing your post,

    Best regards,

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