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Is not the title to this article a little obvious? Why think positively, why not I can hear everyone say, why not indeed. Unfortunately a lot of people have negative thoughts rather than positive ones. If you do not have positive thoughts, then the thoughts that you do have must be either negative ones, or what I call nothing thoughts, that is neither positive nor negative.

Positive thinking when used correctly can be the key to you having a very successful life, which is what we should all aim for, and this website hopes to help you achieve just that. You could look at it as being part and parcel of your personal development.

Positive thoughts are good thoughts, they show that you are thinking in the right way, basically how you can improve various aspects of your life. Are you thinking of improving your life in some way? Perhaps a career change, looking at a second income to help finance that new home that you and your partner would like? No doubt we could fill this article with such thoughts, but they will suffice for now.


Visualize Your Positivity


One way of looking at positively is as part of the dreams or desires which you wish to have and can be linked with the earlier article on ‘Why You Should Set Goals’, whilst the purpose of this article is to stress the need for your thinking positively, you should never stop dreaming or following your goals.



When you make positive thoughts, suggestions or ideas, try to see them as what they will be. One idea is to have a vision board or plan, this can be a whiteboard by your desk with what you wish to achieve written on it. You could use your computer to do the same so that you can check it daily.

One idea, which I personally think could get out of hand is to use the sticky post it notes and have them stuck close to your workstation, so that you see them every day, great for a couple of ideas, but not I feel for a number of them.

The idea of a vision board is to put on it what you are trying to achieve or aim for. Put photographs on it of the house, holiday or car that you are working towards. You can even put in large bold letters your hopes and aspirations. Use this as a guide and mentor if you like to help remind you of what you are aiming for.

Following on from the post it notes in the other paragraph, you could pin photographs of what you are aiming for close to the computer, so that you see them every time that you work on your PC.



I remember doing this many years ago with a postcard of the Gold Coast in Australia, it was my ambition to attend a family reunion there, so this card gave me impetus to save.

Sadly I did save the money, but on returning from a weekend away found our boiler had not only leaked but nearly caught fire when I switched on the hot tap, added to this the car had limped home, as the big end was finished.

All in all the money for Australia was used up and a tidy bit more. The point here is that it would have worked but for the extra problems that we had.

It is a lot easier to achieve your aims and ambitions if you can visualize them, not just in your thoughts, but by actually looking at them as if they exist already on your vision board.

If you cannot visualize your dreams, hopes and aspirations in some way, then why have them, this becomes negative thinking, we are trying to be positive.




You need to confirm what you are trying to achieve. Some people use mediation to achieve this, whilst I do meditate when I feel the need, you do not have to do so in order to confirm something that you believe in, or wish to achieve.

Let us assume that you have a problem at work with a co-worker, why not repeat to yourself several times a day:


” I will not let him/her (bully/hassle/upset) me anymore, I will deal with it”


Keep repeating this daily until you have dealt with it.

You can use this for any situation, dream or desire, try it and see how it feels, more importantly how it works.



The same method can be used for your goals and ambitions, confirm to yourself what you want to achieve, keep repeating it several times a day until you get there. If it is a large goal, then break it down into manageable chunks, so that you can see progress all the time as you aim for what you desire.

I remember doing this, but how I did it was to have a piece of paper pinned above the computer screen with the words on it which I repeated every time I looked at it, it does work.


Speak Positivily


If you speak in a positive manner, not only will it reassure you but say to people I am going to do this.

One example of this is:

” It is a beautiful day I think that I will mow the lawn” or

” It is a beautiful day I will mow the lawn”

The first sentance is a thought or idea, the second is a positive statement of what you intend to do.

If you try to be positive every time that you speak about something, it will not only make you feel better and possibly more assertive, but convey to those that you are talking too how positive about that subject you are.


Be Thankful


Whatever you do always show your gratitude, I have always believed that manners cost nothing, by saying thank you, it shows that you are grateful for whatever action has taken place.



You can be thankful in many ways, for your partner, your family, your life style, but you must think positively all the time, whatever problems live throws at you, raise a smile, pick yourself up and start again, be thankful for the chance that life has given you to have another go. The caption above sums the need for gratitude nicely.


“Remember they are many people in the world a lot worse off than you are”




Do so hope that this article has given you some food for thought, and if need be helped you to be more positive. As always will welcome any comments which you can put in the box below, we do value your feedback.

The next article will be Why is self development important?

Stay happy, healthy and wealthy.




4 thoughts on “Why Think Positively”

  1. Marios Tofarides

    Hey there Edwin,

    I really don’t like miserable people. People who have a problem for every solution. People who just like complaining without doing anything to solve their problems and advance with their lives. Being thankful and grateful is one of the cornerstones of positivity. So, we should practice it daily. And try to use other aids such as affirmations or dream boards to reaffirm positivity and goals.



  2. Hi Edwin!

    Everyone’s life is a special, unique story. It is like on the  scene in the ground floor theater. You are the actor, life is a role and somebody is giving you a scenario. It is your mind, “higher force” or just your destiny? Your karma? You can manage it if you know how and want. Thinking positive if something going wrong on that scene is a crucial way of acting for resolving the issues related to your role.

    But also think realistic. Thinking positive about jumping high 10 meters or flying to the moon without knowing how and having proper equipment is a utopia. In my opinion, positive thinking and realism are going hand on hand, although the mind is the main piece of the chain that moves it. 

    Create your life and leave your role in a positive way to replace all the issues in the right way. It is important to stay motivated, realistic, determined and positively oriented in whatever you do, however hard it might look at the moment.

    is it easy? No, it is not. Is it worth? Yes, it is! No big success is achieved if the positive thinking didn’t have “its fingers involved”: I want, I can, I know. 

    Can you be positive all the time? Most probably not. But, the biggest part of the “theater play” you can if the scenario allows. Create your own positive scenario of your life. Experience the positive thinking and judge afterward if it was worth!

    Wish you as much as possible positive thinking, it is worth. 

    Best regards,

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