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Mention Social Media to the average person and they will either love it, hate it or live on it This is fact, so if you think about it you will understand why social media will help your website.

Social Media is huge, to name but a few you have Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Linkedin, each of these sites have large followings, so it stands to commonsense that if you are on all these sites and gain a following for your site, then this will lead to a large, possibly very large, number of people visiting your site, then hopefully leaving their details so that you can contact them with your latest offer.

The graphic below will give you some idea on how many social media sites that there are.




It will help your brand or website to reach all those out there who are not only interested in what you have to offer, but in you and your site. Put in plain English exposure, people need to know that you exist.

As mentioned in the introduction, the more of the sites mentioned that you have account with the better it is for you and your business. You do not have to go mad, start with one site at a time and get yourself known, where possible register as a business.

It is fine having a really nice website, but it is no good if people do not visit it, you do need additional exposure.


Getting Started


The question is which site do you start with. To me the logical one would be the one that you are on at the moment, however if you are on several then it is to me a matter of which site do you prefer and have the biggest following on?



A few more for you to consider in the shot above.

When you decide which site that you are going to use first, unless you are already on it, the first thing that you need to do, , is to register, as mentioned earlier where they have them sign up for a business account. You are a business let people know, it also helps if you get queried when you lead people to your site. Should you already be a member, you can usually add a business account to it.

The most favoured idea is that you find a niche that relates to yours and start to follow others in that group. Get involved start to answer questions and ask them. begin to make yourself an expert in that field. Gradually lead them to your website, this is just the first step, in building a list of followers, hopefully future customers.

Bear in mind that Social Media is defined as interacting with others to share amongst other thing’s information, this is just what you are doing.


How It Helps


By communicating or contacting others on your Social Media Site(s), you are leading them gently to your website. When they get there you should have in place an opt-in form. This captures their name and E mail. You now can communicate with them via E mail. Which means that you are in a position to make them aware of your products.

Initially have a free offer attached to your opt-in form, such as a report or check list on the subject matter of your website.

A word about opt-in forms, in Word Press they appear as contact forms and are a plug in, you can of course insert one of the many fancy forms that are available on the market. As usual if unsure Google it.


Final Ideas


Once you have captured their E mails you can now start to really work on them to make you money. To begin with you do need a plan if you are to be really successful, sure you can just sell the one product that your free product led them to, a much better idea is to use what is known as the funnel method.

If you recall I mentioned in the article on Private Label Rights, the need for a good number of PLR products to help in your business, this is where you need them.

In the last article I mentioned a site that does good quality PLR, which includes both free and paid membership, having just had a look I notice that they are offering over 200 PLR products for free at the moment. It will obviously be their choice of subjects, but there could be something that you could use.

Having a look at their free products will also give you an idea of the quality which they offer

When people buy your initial product, by a series of E mails sent by an autoresponder, you can then introduce them to more offers and free bonuses. You may ask what is an autoresponder, an automatic system for sending mails to your subscribers. Again there are a number of good ones on the market.

Once you have led people into the funnel, you gradually increase not only the price but also the quality of the product which you are offering.

The following Infographic sums up the complete process.



You must always be offering not only something that your subscribers want, but it must be a quality product.

Again this is just the tip of the iceberg due to space limitations, there are many excellent articles on this subject for free, by going on Google and asking the questions.


This is the last article in this series of twelve., it is hoped that this will be the first of a number of articles or series to help in your quest for learning and wealth.

Appreciate that this is a very brief insight into both learning and wealth, especially with regard to internet marketing and building a business on line. It is hoped that in the future that I will be able to direct you to manuals and reports enabling you to learn the subject in more depth, thus setting you on the path to trying to earn some cash.

Personal development will also feature in the publication of appropriate and hopeful helpful material.

As always any comments that you have on either this article or the complete series will be most welcome, do please comment if you wish in the box below.

Stay happy, healthy and wealthy.




6 thoughts on “Why Social Media Will Help Your Website”

  1. When social media came around, we only thought it was for fun. But now most of us understand the impact it can have on your business. For the rather reserved persons like myself, social media for business is still a learning curve. Luckily, there are social media experts who can turn things around.

    I like how you have laid out the step by step method on how to go about social media. I think the free offers are a step to success. You have really summed it well.

    Thank you.

  2. Social media oh my god!  You are right, you either love it, hate it or are addicted to it.

    I try to limit my use as much as I can but still find myself going off on some stupid tangent like watching a man falling off a ladder video.

    It is super important that you pick the right social media channels for your particular business because if you chose the wrong one you will be just wasting your time.

    Getting social does help your site, but I wouldn’t rely on it because sites like this do come and go.  So if you are serious make sure you are spending most of your time optimising for search engines.  

    People like social media for fun and entertainment over the information I think.

    If you are going to use social media limit your time and set aside 15 min a day for each platform.

    1. Kris, first of all thank you for comment, also the common sense approach to social media, 15 minutes a day  a site is very sensible, I only spend 15 minutes a day on live chat, it is so easy to get carried away.


  3. It’s all about getting more exposure, people need to know that you exist. They may not join or but from you today but Knowing that your business exists, they can ever direct others to your business. I only Facebook, and for months no one noticed my publications but lately I can see people a sharing and commenting my posts. It takes time but it is useful and the consistency pays.

    This was a great introduction to why social media will help our websites. I can’t wait to read the whole series.

    Thanks for sharing.

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