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If you are not familiar with the expression PLR – Private Label Rights, it might cause you to raise your eyebrows a little and think just what is he going on about now. What he is going on about will save you a load of time if you use what you receive correctly, not matter whether it is a free download or items that you have purchased.

When you purchase anything on the internet in the form of a publication they come with certain rights, these we need to examine first.




Purchasing say an E Book, it will usually have certain conditions or rights attached to them, these are categorized as follows

Personal Use Only:

As it implies you may only use this document for your personal and private use only.

Resale Rights:

You may sell the contents for your own profit, but cannot change the content, sell any rights, or claim ownership.

Master Resale Rights (MRR):

A typical license for MRR usually allows you to:

  • Give the product away
  • Sell the product
  • Sell the product with resale rights
  • Sell the product with master resale rights
  • Enables you to package the product
  • You are able to edit the sales page
  • You may offer the product as a bonus when selling a paid product
  • You may add the product to your membership sites

You cannot however:

  • Claim copyright of the product.
  • Sell the product with private label rights.
  • Usually change the content.




Private Label Rights (PLR):

With Private Label Rights you can do all the tasks mentioned in Master Resale Rights, in addition you can amongst other things:

  • Edit the entire or part of the document
  • Re Title the document
  • Add your name as the author
  • Change the sales page
  • Change the graphics
  • Sell various rights, but not Private Label rights.
  • Claim Copyright

Unrestricted Private Label Rights:

As PLR except that you can usually sell the PLR rights.

On the three above you must check the license when you download the product to ensure that you are fully aware of what rights you have regarding that product.


Where Do I Get PLR From?


There are a number of very good sites where you can get PLR from, I am a member of several. Some of these will cost you a monthly, quarterly or annual free, some have a free subscription.

A word of warning not all that you download or purchase will be top quality, which is why in fairness to all the sites that I use I will not list them. Another reason for not listing them, is I have had good content off them all, but there is a danger that I could miss one out, especially if I have not used them for a while.

As usual, one idea would be to carry out a search on Google, have just done this for you using “Private Label Rights”, this pulled up a number of pages plus a number of related searches, so have a good look, and see what you think, if able have a free trial to test the quality.



However, it would be wrong of me not to give you at least one site to have a look at. This site does have both a free and a paid membership, have been with them for a few months and the downloads that I have had so far have been top class. So impressed am I that I intend to do a review on their site and products.

This site can be accessed here. Please note this is an affiliate link.


What Can I Do With It


The short answer is an awful lot, it does however depend on the type of rights that you bought with your down load, which is why it is important to know the different types of rights, otherwise you could just fall foul of copyright laws, realize that this is repetition but I cannot stress this strongly enough. When I began to use PLR I only bought products that had full rights so that I did not get myself confused. Still do this when I know that the article is for me to eventually publish, some of the other rights I tend to use for reference, in fact on my hard drive I now have a file ‘Internet Library’, which is where I keep them all.



When you buy a product with full PLR you can do almost anything with it, as mentioned in the previous section.

Having bought a PLR product the first thing that I do is to unzip it, save it to a working file, then look at everything that is in the download, the first thing that I read are the terms of use, this ensures that I really can do what I want with the contents.

What I do with it now really depends on why I bought it in the first place, was it to completely re brand and sell on as my own work, use the graphics or the content in another publication? This really does depend on you.

When you start to amend the download, I strongly recommend that you rename the file and save it, this becomes your working file, you can refer back to the original as often as you like, but it remains intact.

Can speak from experience on this, when I first began to use PLR, I just gaily amended it, then coming back to it was not sure what was the original content, even tried changing the colour of the type to help me, still sometimes do if I am using a copy of the original that I am working on so that I know exactly where I am with the amendments, this can be important if it is a large document.


How Do I Use It


Partly covered above, but you can rewrite it, put it in your website as content, use it with other downloads to create a totally new piece of work, if permitted too just resell it. A word of caution, I would never take a download and resell it as is, someone may have it already and then you have to refund the price that you charged. At least change the title and some of the content to make it at least partly original to you.

You may ask why buy it if I have to change it? Good question, when you see what you get you will realize the amount of work that has gone into the document, which in effect has started your task for you. This does save hours of your time, researching and writing if you only have to tweak the content.

Not only do I tend to give the whole thing a good re-write, I change the title and the cover.

A piece of advice that I read recently suggested that at a minimum you should change the title and the first and last paragraphs of the document or E Book. Suppose that if you are in a hurry, this would do, but still prefer to change most of the words, can then honestly say that it is my E Book.

If you have read all these articles up to now, especially the ones relating to running your business on the internet, please do remember.




So hope that you have enjoyed this brief look into the wonderful world of PLR, search a number of sites, where you can have a free trial, test the quality of the content. Having been at this for sometime, often open a new document and I can tell almost instantly the quality before I read a word, just by looking at the general presentation. Must confess that a lot of these are the free bonuses that you can get, though having said that, some bonuses that I have had have been outstanding.

As always please feel free to leave your comments, which are very much appreciated in the box below.

The next article will be ‘Why Social Media will help your website’.

Stay happy, healthy and wealthy.


12 thoughts on “PLR – Private Label Rights”

  1. I have been using PLR almost since starting with an online business, and although you will hear a lot of negative chatter when it comes to whether it is a good idea to use it or not, there are a remarkably large number of online marketers that do use it at least from time to time.

    Since you added in the link, I did have a look at the PLR site that you did add to this post. It seems to be a very good one. I actually have my own PLR site that I sell from, and to date, it is doing rather well. There is a market for it as a seller and as a consumer.

    Most PLR has to be repurposed, and that gives you the chance to add additional information, make it unique, and get products published or launched much quicker. You still need to go through the process or you risk publishing sub-standard content (and it also may already be published, not a good thing).

    Not all PLR is cheap either. I have paid as much as $197 USD for a complete course that is quite complex and has all the latest data and guidance for the subject. It includes everything that I need to teach a professional-level college-level course to marketers.  

    Even with that expensive PLR, I have gone through and changed things up to make it reflect the branding of our Academy and logo, etc. I also have added some end of course tests which you will not find in most PLR out there. I use this as an example of how PLR can help you build your online business. You know that, and the readers should be at ease with using this source of content, as long as they use it properly. 

  2. I have read a lot of both good and bad when it comes to using PLR products. I must admit I have used them from time to time on my website and they do save a lot of time when it comes to article writing.

    I started a blog last year and have only place PLR articles on it so far and it is doing ok traffic wise so I am sure I can go ahead now and monetise it.

    However I never use the PLR as is, I always rewrite most of the article in my own words, otherwise, it may become duplicate content out there, which will be bad for the ranking of my site. It still saves a lot of time as if you write an article from scratch you need to still think it out.

  3. Thanks for explaining different types of rights to know which one should be used as you buy a product. I always think getting PLR is always convenient for a writer not to hire other people such as videographer or another writer to come up with his own content. There are even free downloadable articles to begin with but since it’s free I think it’s also generic. It’s not easy for everyone to write something. I think getting a PLR is a good option to start, edit, or finish your written product. Anyway, you really have to edit what you bought. It’ just gonna make your work easier.

  4. Good afternoon Edwin,

    A really horrible story I must say, was he ever caught? I am still living in a similar situation. That person is being looked for by Interpol since last year October and in the meantime, I am hanging on. 

    Very helpful reading your post on Private Label Rights as I knew little about it. Now, thanks to your information I am well informed. 

    Obviously, I have never used it myself. I have never written an E-book myself either as my 2 websites keep me busy with writing posts. However, I find the idea attractive and will keep it in mind. 

    Whenever somebody leaves a comment on one of my sites I always ask them if they have downloaded their free PDF. I have this company in a widget in the sidebar and they offer a huge amount of free downloads.

    I can see that PLR takes it a step further as you can become the owner of the content and claim it as yours. I am amazed at all the things one can find on the internet which are helpful for your business. 

    Regards, Taetske 

  5. Hello Edwin. I admit I didn’t know too much about rights for online products (e-books, software, etc). I knew in general that when you buy an e-book online or download some software it had some kind of license that told you what you can do with the e-book or the software.

    But the thought that there high quality products that you can just sell them as is (but you don’t recommend that) or use them for email lists or courses is very enticing.

    I made a free account with the link you provided just to take a peek. Great stuff exist to make your audience and traffic grow. Good thing I stumbled across your article haha.

    Too much candy I must consume in a timely manner else I will get diabetes hehe. Thanks for this interesting read. Have a nice day.

    1. George very many thanks for your comments, so pleased that the article was of some help to you.


  6. With all the types of rights mentioned, the private label rights are most of my interest. I have n idea to give the product away to grow my business. As in email marketing campaign for example, the ebooks which has a relevant content to a niche can be given away in exchange of an email.

    It can be helpful to internet marketers to grow their business.

    Thank you.

    1. Thanks for commenting, it is certainly of great help when starting up and helping to grow your business.


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