Do Future Articles Get More Intense?


The idea behind the title is really very simple, should my articles in the future be a lot more detailed instead of just scratching the surface is another question to answer, do future articles get more intense? part of me says YES, the reason is simple it is alright giving little tasters about a number of subjects, but the time must surely come when you really do need to know more.

Your thoughts on that statement would be greatly appreciated, as I feel that this is something that I must seriously consider, do realise that it would be more than a slight change in direction, with regard to the research and content required. Not to mention the amount of work involved in doing it, but I do think that this is a step in the right direction to firmly establish my brand in the market place.

What would it achieve

The initial response to that, is access to a meaningful article, on a given subject, within the parameters of the niche, which I have set initially, in my very first article on this website.

Some thoughts are to follow up, or possibly use some of the suggested articles in my previous posts these could certainly add a lot of interest if the articles were of sufficient interest, at the moment am thinking of product creation and as mentioned previously an in depth look at funnel building. These two just to start the ball rolling.

Have had a request via a comment on my last post to explain fully what Affiliate Marketing entails, did suggest that we have good enough tutorials on Wealthy Affiliate, I did touch on this in Part Two, but will certainly bear that in mind for the future, as I will a couple of other suggestions. It is really good that people are now beginning to communicate with me regarding articles that they would like me to write, the only problem that I have, is that I do like to have things in some form of order, so cannot just churn articles out to order. More’s the pity. Research is also needed, despite my stockpile of material!

How deep is deep?

Great thought would have to be given to the depth or scope of the article, which would also mean the subject matter, this would avoid the article becoming a book, or an extremely long article of many thousands of words. This would also run the risk of becoming extremely boring.

Is it possible to pick out a small part of say Social Media, then develop it in great detail, thinking here of something like Twitter or Linkedin, a really in depth look at how to use them. To try this with Social Media in general and in depth would be far too long. Have already scratched the surface of this subject in other articles, so specialising within it could be the right thing to do.

This last comment is very important, having mentioned something briefly in say a couple of paragraphs, then to cover it in real depth might prove to be too much, so a portion that would interest people needs to be picked out, researched, and expanded on. It is surprising just how many words can be written with enough thought and research on the smallest of topics.

This is certainly an area which will require a great deal of thought before I embark on it, as I will need to get it right, though I do try to get everything right that I comment on. Having said that I have to admit too not being perfect!

A story or a long article?

Have possibly covered this already in the previous paragraph. However, feel that this is where both commonsense and the amount of material on the subject need to be considered. Do appreciate that some people feel that say 5,000 words is the norm for an in depth article, my honest opinion is 3 to 4,000 words should be enough to enable you to get your points across without boring the reader, this probably stems from the fact that I myself get bored with long articles that begin to hold little or no interest.

Appreciate that some people feel that once you get writing and are used to say 5 to 6,000 words then you should do that all the time, cannot disagree strong enough with that statement, when you have covered all the points and said all that you need to say, then finish it, do not go on for the sake of it.

The last paragraph reminds me of when I watch promotional or training videos, the number of times you have to listen to opening remarks that are totally necessary is unbelievable. Often I either switch off the recording, or if I am really interested, skip forward to see if I can find the meat of the matter. Realise that I am like a dog with a bone on this subject, but you will gather that it is something that I feel very strongly about. Mini rant over.

This is especially true of articles that I only have a passing interest in, suppose what I am saying here is that the content must always be interesting to keep the reader on the page. This in fact is a lesson that all writers of content should note, be interesting, keep the readers interest, that of course includes me.

If the worst scenario happened and I found that I could write say 8,000 or even 10,000 words on a given subject then it could be split into two parts, if the first part is of sufficient interest then hopefully the reader would come back for the conclusion, that is one theory! This really emphasises the thoughts in my previous paragraphs.

What should not be included?

The obvious answer here is something that has little or no bearing on what I am attempting to cover on this site with this brand. But that is taking the extreme a little too far, on that I hope you will agree?

The first thing that comes to mind is not going in depth on a subject or article that to do so would make it either very boring or too intense. Giving help, advice and knowledge is fine, trying to do it too degree or masters level is to put it mildly rather silly.

There must also be a limit on the subject being covered, to this end I am thinking that a small subject that really does not have the depth, should either be left alone or attached to one of a similar ilk that is also difficult to expand to deeply on.

Having just looked at what I have written, suppose you could argue that if the information available was not of sufficient depth, then it should not be used or added to another article, as this would defeat the object of an in depth article.


As you will gather this article was extremely difficult to write, finding my way around what I wanted to say, whilst not getting so tongue-tied that you the reader, were totally confused.

The saving grace in all this, is the fact that the ideas in this article will not appear until part four of my series on learning and wealth, this has got to be at least two months away, if not more.

Part Three has the articles listed in draft form, which will enable me to be able to start rough drafting the content which I hope to include in each article. One of these I hope to be a lead in for a sales page, but that is another story.

So these are my thoughts for the future, still will have to decide whether to go with this idea of a deeper article on a smaller subject, or to carry on scratching the surface of broader subjects. Fortunately I have plenty of time to make that decision, as long as I do not start to procrastinate, then find that I am rapidly running out of deadline time.

A light bulb moment has just hit me, I have a number of e-books which I have written on various subjects, as yet languishing in my hard drive, awaiting to publish or not to publish decision, could I link one to the core subject. That is definitely food for thought.

Just had another thought instead of seriously in depth articles, why not just produce some really detailed infographics, with a small explanation, will have to stop this all these thoughts buzzing round in my head, still I suppose that the more I think about these things, the clearer that the outcome will become.

Almost at the stage of thinking to myself that this deep article idea is not a good one, and I have wasted all of our time, me in writing it, you dear reader in reading it, for that I am very grateful.

Do so hope that you have enjoyed my ramblings on how I wish to go forward, please do leave your comments below, they are valued, as is the time that you take to make them.

The next article will be “Learning and Wealth Part Three”

Be Happy, Healthy and Wealthy


18 thoughts on “Do Future Articles Get More Intense?”

  1. a very nice topic to talk about. for me i think articles should remain short, simple and straight to the point. thats just my opinion. I would try to make it as short and direct as possible but would have an option for readers who are more serious about the topic click on something that would bring them to a more in depth take about the article. am i making sense here? At least you get the right target market you are aiming for. So if you are an affiliate marketer, if you are selling stuff online, you get technically warm leads already reading your article. Again that’s just my opinion. thank you for sharing this article!

    1. AJ, thanks for your reply, just the sort of feedback that I was looking for, some really sound advice, many thanks.


  2. An article should be as long as it needs to be in order to answer the question that the reader was looking to answer when he landed on a website.

    After answering the initial query, you could answer some more additional queries that the reader might have in order to save them some time looking for other articles on that subject… 

    However, an article which is long just for the same of being long is not valuable. I can see that for myself… When I read an article with a long introduction which has nothing to do with what I was looking for, I leave.

    I mean, there’s no way that I’ll waste my time on reading useless information just because the blogger wants to please Google which tends to favor longer articles.

  3. Emmanuel Buysse

    Great post, and it gives many insights, certainly to new people. To be honest, I didn’t knew to much about it when I started, and I had to look it all up by myself. Too bad people like you didn’t exist at that time. Thanks for sharing it with us, you will help a lot of people. 

  4. Hi Stuart,   I am not exactly sure how I stumbled across this article.  Maybe I need a bit more caffeine this morning.   Yet, your title was compelling.    I believe your are “struggling” with  a challenge that many of us face as we build websites and/or blogs.   Are we providing what our readers want?  Can we make money with the website if we do or do not change?  

    Just last night I was trying to research the current status of a Active Rain, a real estate community  blog website that I have been a member of since 2007.   Over the years, Active Rain has been purchased and sold by some of the largest real estate websites (Trulia and then Zillow) in the United States.   In 2016, it was sold by Zillow to an extremely successful real estate broker /entrepreneur.     That person was able to convince the website’s original owner to come back on to the staff.  

    I watched a 2016 webinar, for the second time last night.  In that webinar, the original owner discussed what had been hoped for the community website back when first created.   

    Then they discussed the hopes going forward.    The importance of focusing on specific niches to satisfy Google was deemed critical.    The hopes included breaking the website up into three components in order be a bit more niche focused.  (general real estate news, real estate training, and local topics.)     On paper, it makes total sense.  

    Long story short, once again – the attempts to separate out these components in order to make a more profitable set of  websites did not work out.   

    Yet at the end of the day, the actual users or paying customers, are the ones that will matter.   The real estate blog platform has gravitated back to being closer to what the actual users have enjoyed all these years.  Attempts to change it to a more profitable model that the owners dream of is only causing some of the original users to leave.    They were not able to gain the content for the new website businesses that they hoped for because that did not  benefited the loyal users or meet an unmet need.   

    Your website is still young enough that it can change and evolve.   I suppose the key it to pay attention to what your “organic” readers want.    At the beginning,  every article should be very clear about what they will read.   

    To me, this one is discussing the challenges of writing content for our websites.    Do you want your website to be a spot where bloggers get together and discuss challenges?   Or something else? 

    Recently, I discovered a blog that covered horse racing news.   It has become part of my morning routine to see what this person has to share.    Yet when I go to that website, I know that I am going to find current horse racing information.    The comments on the blog are just as educational as the articles themselves.    So, I found myself thinking I need to model my own websites after his.  His is effective.  

    So, maybe the answer to your question is two part:   1)  What appeals to you the most in other websites and blogs that you would want to implement on your website?  Are they more intense or just tasters?  Samples of what is available    2)  Have you truly found your audience of readers?   What do they want.  

    I am sorry this comment has gotten so long.  It will not hurt my feelings if you want to edit it to make it shorter or more clear before you publish it.  



    1. Sondra, many thanks for your in depth reply, think that I possibly rambled on a little and the meaning of the post got lost, but that does not matter, what is important that I can take some thought from your reply.  Also can implement some ideas, so many thanks,


  5. I am convinced that the future articles should be published in more detail because the days of the new Article Writer are complicated by the article.
    So I agree with you that you should publish more articles in more detail.

  6. Stop obsessing over tracking, and start obsessing over capturing. What are you offering In Your MQL to capture and convert traffic? If your website has the right message and offer, leads/sales will come in. If you aren’t advertising, your search rank is low, your positions are dismal, then you won’t see sales or leads to market to

  7. I fully agree with you that the future articles must be more meaningful and detailed because the articles are complicated now, so in writing articles, you should write many more appropriate articles on your advice so that we are the article writer so that they Understand the things.
    Thank you very much for giving an idea about an important issue.

  8. I fully agree with you that the future articles must be more meaningful and detailed because the articles are complicated now, so in writing articles, you should write many more appropriate articles on your advice so that we are the article writer so that they Understand the things.
    Thank you very much for giving an idea about an important issue.

  9. i think articles ought to stay short, easy and straight to the purpose. thats simply my opinion. i’d associated} create it as short and direct as doable however would have an possibility for readers United Nations agency square measure a lot of serious concerning the subject click on one thing that may bring them to a a lot of full take concerning the article. am i creating sense here? a minimum of you get the correct target market you’re aiming for. thus if you’re associate affiliate vender, if you’re commerce stuff on-line, you get technically heat leads already reading your article. once more that’s simply my opinion.

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