Learning and Wealth in Advance of Part Three


When getting slightly bogged down in the tiny grey matter for ideas, I often go off tangent in search of new thoughts and ideas, this is one of those occasions, hence Learning and Wealth in advance of part three. It has been my habit to write twelve part articles for this site, not including any introduction to that set, so it follows having written the first two parts that Part Three should be next.

Thought that as I really do not know what to include this time round, as I have a number of ideas formulating in my brain, would in fact open up and discuss some of them with you.

Do keep a sheet with headings on as thoughts come to mind, but for some reason this time am what is known as struggling, the ideas not coming as they usually do, and I refuse to accept writers block as an excuse, just need a break or a holiday, either would be nice.

Why a Taster

The thought behind the title is to enable me to come up with some ideas and for you to feed back your opinion, of some of them if not all, enabling me to then finalize the content for part three, also possibly part four, should I have enough inspiration and also enough of your very valued comments.

The theory is that I will then get some idea of what you would like articles on, which makes planning out the series a lot easier. With a little bit of forethought should have done a questionare for you all to put down what you need either help or, advice in, or just a general forum type chat.

Suppose that the use of the word taster is really for me, to get a taste of your opinions and thoughts. It will obviously be easier for me to research and write articles, if I know what people want to read about, least that is my take on the idea, unless someone has a better one.

Having said that as I write this article the thoughts are slowly coming to me as to what topics I would like to write about, with the correct research carried out on them first.

Some Thoughts

Having taken note of some comments that I have already received it makes the first few thoughts a little easier to list.

  • Credit Cards – This is by request for an article on how to control your credit card spending, it made sense to me when I read it, so will hopefully do as has been asked. The obvious answer is do not use credit cards, but I feel that the person who asked knows that and would like a more in depth answer, so will try to provide one.
  • Mindset – We do tend to read a lot these days about having the right mindset in order to be successful in business, so think that an article on mindset in general will not go amiss. It also is surprising just how deep this subject can get.
  • A Review of Planners and Journals- Any of you who have read my previous articles will realise how heavily I believe in the use of planners and journals, I am an affiliate of createful journals, so thought that it would be a good idea to introduce you to some of their products by writing a review of what they have to offer. As I have done before will include a link to the site and also one which will get you six free planners, no charge, no strings.
  • E Mails – This will no doubt cause some head scratching, why on earth should anyone want an article on E-mails you may ask, normally I would say good question, in fact an article on e-mails is a good question. Why!!, simply because if you want to get your business off the ground and make money, then you need an opt-in form, then products to sell or give away, all this requires an autoresponder which needs to have e-mails loaded into it you can correspond with your list. Unless you really want to reply to each and every one by hand with your updates, new products and general information.
  • Private Licensing Rights! – Not sure about this as I have done a could of articles on it, well one plus a review. Some of you have still asked for more ideas on what to do with PLR, so will have a think, there is certainly a lot of scope if you put your mind to it. One of the E- books that I am re purposing (that is posh for completely altering) I designed a new cover for it tonight in possibly less than ten minute, complete with new title, it now sits in the front of the book, which is awaiting being hacked about.
  • Money – A frequently asked question is about money, it is surprising just how many people require guidance on this subject. Need to do some more research, but think that I might be able to come up with something.
  • Minimalism – This is a subject that I am just getting acquainted with, it really is quite fascinating when you delve deeply into it.

  • Disciplined Mind – This could be used in conjunction with mind set, certainly could be an in depth article as I have already done a lot of research on this subject.
  • Productivity – We always need ideas on how to not only increase but also to improve our productivity, could be an interesting article to think about, again some research and hopefully either new ideas or a different slant on existing ones.
  • Money Projects – Not to be confused with saving money, but some ideas from the archives how to make money, again this is just a thought.

A Few Ideas

Some other ideas include what products that I have bought in the past that could be of use to you, could be discussed in some detail, without any being of review length, though that is another idea as the brain ticks over.

Another is writing comments or tweets on both Twitter and Social Media in general.

How about a discussion on the use of quotes, should we use them, do they engage with our audience, how do you feel about them?

Getting Started, So just where do I start? As I sit here scratching my head that is the question. This leads nicely into an in depth article on looking at some tips on funnel building. This I do know is a subject a lot of people struggle with.

How about a brief look at Meditation or Yoga, or in fact both. They both could factor in nicely given the learning and wealth theme of the site. Both subjects are well-known to help people in differing ways, they would teach people to learn the arts in basic concepts, by reference to other sites, at the same time enriching their inner mind and body. It is surprising how much just five minutes of meditation does help. I often use it to help me relax, calm down and collect my inner thoughts.

As this site does include personal development, a thought occurs that articles on such items as Alcohol and Sleep would not be a bad idea. Other topics do come to mind but feel that they should cover a general range such as the two mentioned rather than concentrate on a subject that is very narrow in either concept or need. Sorry that sounds arrogant, but I think that you get the general idea.


Appreciate that my website title does give the impression of a rather large niche to explore or play with, however am trying to gather this altogether into separate modules, eventually it is my intention to lead on one topic at a time, this will have an opt-in page leading to a funnel.

Intend to keep repeating this for several topics, the idea is that Learning and Wealth is my brand, as such I want people who need it to be able to get advice, help, articles, and eventually products in this field will have just one place to go. Can imagine a number of raised eyebrows that this niche is to broad, whilst I respect peoples views, I am determined to have a go, as the song says “My Way”.

Please forgive any paragraph that overlaps or repeats another one, hope that you will appreciate that this is not easy to give ideas strictly formulated, as one thought leads to another. Am surprised just how many thoughts and ideas have come flooding into my brain as I started writing this.

Much to my delight having struggled when I began to write this, am delighted that I have managed to come up with some eighteen ideas already. Assuming that I like them and can do the research that gives me one and half of my next two parts, based on my usual formula of twelve posts to a part. But please do add your own thoughts, the more the merrier.

Comments on this will be really welcome.

Be Happy, Healthy and Wealthy




8 thoughts on “Learning and Wealth in Advance of Part Three”

  1. Part 3? Where can I find parts 1 and 2 because if this taster of your part 3 post is anything to go by I have to read more of your knowledge and experience on wealth and learning 

    I have recently just started working with affiliate marketing to help me start earning money online,  do you know much about this subject and could you write a blog about this matter?

    1. Matthew, many thanks for this, parts 1 and 2 can be found on my website at: https://learningandwealth.com your comments are much appreciated, am more than happy to help should you have any questions.  Regarding affiliate marketing have made a note of your request and it certainly could form an article however the training at WA does cover this in great detail.



  2. I am quite new at affiliate marketing and I do have trouble when it comes thinking of subjects or articles to write about so as to keep my website interesting, now I may also be going off on a tangent here but since I started doing affiliate marketing research I keep reading about people using hashtags to their advantage etc, but the problem is, I have no idea what hashtags are or what they are used for, I have searched online etc, but can’t find a satisfactory explanation as to what is the point of hashtags, actually, I visited your site in the hope of finding out, however, I have picked up some ideas from this article and actually, this may have given you a subject for your next article “What Are Hashtags”, I’ll keep popping back to have a look to see if you have done a post explaining what hashtags are,…lol. Take care Stuart.



    1. Russ,

      Thank you so much for your comments, loved the idea of doing an article on hashtags, when I plan the next part out will see where it can befitted in.  Not brilliant on them myself, but I do have some research material so will add this topic to part three.  When I start it always list the order that articles will appear in so that should help you to know when to look.  Would think a good couple of weeks before I put the lead article in, if not longer, have to wait and see what the new challenge is about first.



  3. I see from your article that you are considering doing a piece on emails, or more specifically email marketing for online business. 

    I really think this is a good idea as many people like myself are still a bit confused on this subject – I’d love to promote my site through this marketing medium but I’m unsure where to start. When are you planning on writing this article?

    1. Hi Chris, 

      Many thanks for your comments, the article on e-mails will appear in part three, always put a running order in my first article, cannot be certain at the moment but think that as you are showing an interest it will be early on.  Please bear in mind that I will be waiting for my tasks from the Challenge first so that I can plan better, having said that may just start the first article on what part three will contain a little early.

      Once again,  Many thanks,


  4. Doychin Paunov

    Hello Edwin!
    I really liked the idea of ​​meditation as a form of concentration and directing the mind to productive results.

    I personally use concentration techniques sometimes, such as fixation of sight to an object, but honestly, I am not familiar with best practices. So a detailed description of the appropriate methods of relaxation of consciousness would be of great help to me.

    1. Hi,

      Many thanks for your comments, do intend to do an in depth article on Meditation sometime in the future, in the meantime have a look at an old web site of mine, have not kept it u pto date but it could help you;  https://meditatingonline.com 


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