Learning and Wealth Part Two


This is the second set of articles in this niche, designed to help you learn to develop yourself, while learning to improve your wealth. Helping to improve your wealth will be mainly through the use of the internet and your website. Have decided to include a dedicated article which will not require you to have your own product, but making money using someone else’s.

Have been asked by a number of people how, having sold one product how do they sell more to the same customers, without spamming or causing offense, so an article on this will be found in “Attract visitors to your website”.

The infographic lays out the topics that will be covered, but so that it is totally clear what these articles will be about, have also listed them later on. Must point out that I am likely to change the order of these as I see fit, to enable some of the articles to flow, one to another. It is possible that some of the titles could be slightly altered.

It is also appreciated that there will be some repetition in some of the articles, both in this series and from the first series, this is to ensure that the content in an article is more understandable.

As always the end of a current article will mention the title of the article which is to follow.


Some people find that viewing an Infographic is easier to follow then looking at a list, to cater for everyone am including both on this page. An infographic is better if you just want a quick look, rather than scanning down the full written word in a list.

It is not surprising though infographics are becoming popular amongst the internet fraternity, personally I love them, they add an extra dimension to a blog or web post, lifting the page from just words to creating another dimension for the visitor to your website, which in turn will hopefully keep them there a little longer.

The more interest that you can develop on your site the better it must be for those who have a look.

They are also great fun to create, though they take some time to design and organize exactly as you want them The one problem that I am beginning to find is that having planned my article, whilst I am writing it suddenly think oh! yes an infographic would be ideal here. This then throws the timing out completely, still it is all good fun.

Thought Behind the Plan

This took a great deal of thought, what to put in and what to leave out, also the order in which they should appear, I have also had to bear in mind that in the long term there will possibly be another two sets of articles to come, again of twelve.

The subjects have been split roughly in half, so that some deal with developing you, the others with ways of improving and developing your website, and so your business, which hopefully will lead to you earning some extra cash, or as the website speak goes monetizing your site.

The full list of articles in this series or part two is as follows:

  • Plan first to stop over thinking your life and start living
  • How to destroy your debt
  • What you should avoid
  • Develop your personality
  • Develop your own website
  • Can you use Power Point
  • Attract visitors to your site
  • How to become an Affiliate Marketing Expert.
  • Using Social Media to market your business
  • Help overcome selfdoubt
  • Learn how to think positively
  • Reviewing PLR

Have not included this introduction, in this list.

Developing You

The articles that cover your own personal development have been chosen to try to embrace a number of areas, where you may need to either improve your current skills, or just to develop what you already have.

A brief view of these articles.

Planning; Do you have any plans in place so you can see what you are aiming for in the long term? If you do not have any defined plans in place, it is extremely unlikely that you will succeed in achieving any of your objectives.

Do You Have Any Debts: If so get rid of them, add them to your plan to deal with.

What You Should Avoid:Things that you really can do without in your life.

Develop Your Personality: No matter how old you are, you can always develop your personality further.

Overcome Your Self Doubts: We all have nagging doubts, get rid of yours.

Think Positively: Learn to think positive thoughts.


Developing Your Business

As I explained in the first set of articles, whilst the word wealth is not just about making money, giving you some idea of how you could increase your income on the internet, especially if you have or intend to have a website, it would be a wasted opportunity if I did not try to help you to make a living or at least earn some extra cash.

A brief outline of the articles which I have included this time are as follows:

Developing Your Own Website: Getting it up and running.

Can You Use Power Point? A versatile tool to use on your website, making it more attractive to visitors. Power Point was used to make the infographic.

Attract Visitors to Your Site: No visitors no money!. Some ideas to help you.

How To Become An Affiliate Marketing Expert: Make money by promoting other people’s products.

Using Social Media: Appreciate that I did briefly cover this in the previous articles, this is much more in depth, how Social Media can help you to really market your business.

Reviewing PLR: An in depth look at a PLR company, showing you exactly what is available and how it can help your business to grow.


Do hope that this introduction to my new set of articles has given you a brief outline of what it hopes to achieve in regard to both your learning and wealth. If you have any comments please leave them below, we do value your feed back and appreciate your taking the time to do so.

Should you have any topic that you would like to see in the future, do please let me know, and I will see what I can do.

The next article is “Plan first to stop over thinking your life and start living”

Stay happy, healthy and wealthy.

Edwin (aka Stuart)


12 thoughts on “Learning and Wealth Part Two”

  1. Sorry but there is no website to review.  Please contact Help Centre to bring up your site so we can see it to review.

    Please follow instructions carefully so that you avoid embarrassing moments like these!  Part Two of learning and wealth must be very interesting and I would love to read it to give my opinion.

    Looking forward to it,


    1. Thanks Stella, not sure what went wrong, but pleased to see that you have been able to read it.  Sincere apologies.


  2. Am very sure the contents coming from this outlines would be very educating. This topic ‘Plan first to stop over thinking your life and start living’ would be interesting. Planning is the master of everything and should supercede whatever event we want to do. There’s this qoute that says ‘when we fail to plan,we are definitely planning to fail. That will not be our portion. Stay bless till we meet us next time.

    1. Hi Stella thanks for this, the article that you mention was published earlier today, hope that you get time to read it, would value your comments.

      Best wishes


  3. Hi, Edwin.
    Your introduction to Learning and wealth Part two just raised my curiosity.
    You are going to give a lot of information in part two of the series. The topics chosen are quite interesting and relevant to the people searching for new ways to make money online.
    Are you going to include this topic somewhere in the series – how to destroy your Credit Cards V/s Using your Credit Cards wisely.
    Looking forward to the new series. All the Best.
    Warm Regards,
    Gaurav Gaur

    1. Hi Gaurav,

      Many thanks for your comments, regarding credit cards, they will appear briefly in some of the articles, but had not thought about doing an in depth on them, but will make a note of your idea.  Once again many thanks.

      Kind regards


  4. Greetings Edwin!
    First of all, thank you for this amazing informative article about wealth with proper learning!
    I really approve of the steps you shared with us, especially on some points like to stop overthinking and start living, developing a good and strong personality, and learning how to think positively. 
    Overthinking is never the solution to problems, in fact, they make them worse!
    Furthermore, a good personality is definitely a need to be able to be successful, not only in your business but in your life! You need to have a strong mindset to be able to overcome hard times and rough moments!
    Finally, staying positive is also a must, because become wealthy and succeeding in life won’t be easy, you will have many disappointments and bad moments, that without a positive mind, will crush you down!
    Thank you again for this great post!
    Can’t wait for your next article!
    Keep up the good work!


    1. Hi Georgio,

      Thank you so much for your very valued comments, agree with your comments about positivity.   Next article will be published tomorrow.



  5. Hi Edwin,

    I look forward to reading more about your knowledge on making money on Learning and Wealth. Especially the part about getting rid of debt.

    The idea of developing one self resonates with me and I am always looking for more  areas that I can work on.

    I currently have a new business, but it’s not doing much. One of the things I’d like to pursue is to increase my online presence. How can I know when you’ve written these articles so that I can come and read them.

    1. Hi Ian,

      Thanks for these useful comments, glad that you find the idea of the site useful.  Will be publishing a new article almost daily from now,  The next on is on the site now, the one on debt will be published tomorrow. If you check my website it should advise what is being published next.



  6. Hello Edwin. I liked your blog. I learned a lot from him. For example, I did not think I could use Power Point on my site. After reading your post, I’ve read others (for example: Why Social Media Will Help Your Website or Using the Internet to Make Money From Home) I like to write with humor and also get very serious tips . Also the general aspect of the site is very pleasant. But I’m thinking why you did not make a menu?Thank you.

    best regards


    1. Hi Carmen,

      Thank you so very much for this, super comment about the menu, never gave it a thought.

      Kind regards


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