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The first of my standalone articles, of which I intend to write four, whilst I am producing Part Three of Learning and Wealth, this is one reason why you will find the articles in Part Three numbered as part of the article title, so as not to confuse people looking for a specific article that I had promised to write in Part Three.

In looking at this article in depth and whist researching make money with articles, it made me realise just how deep this subject goes, not another book I can hear you sigh, not just yet anyway, you can now breath a sigh of relief!

The subject can in fact become quite complex, so will do my best to keep it to such a level that it does not run into thousands of words, by just in most areas merely skimming the surface, but hopefully enough information to enable you to get the general idea behind article marketing.

What is Article Marketing?

A very good question, at first sight it is selling articles which you have written, as with most things it is slightly more complex, you can of course write articles on anything that you want, you must however not only make them interesting but marketable. There are a number of different ways in which you can market your finished product, also a number of differing articles or subjects which you can write about.

In fact, you are not selling articles that you have written in the true sense of the word, you, in fact are showcasing your articles so that others can not just visit your website, and hopefully buy, but use your articles on their websites as described in more detail in the last section of this article.

The whole principle of marketing or the internet business is to drive traffic to your website, this enables those who visit to read your content and purchase your products. Article Marketing is another way of driving traffic to your site, by creating content outside of it, preferably with links back to your site or products.

If you submit articles to directories which have high traffic, giving those viewers information which they consider to be of great value, they will want to know and learn more about, both you and your business.

Some Ideas to Consider

Thought long and hard on just how to attack or approach this section, do I mention a few ideas with just headings, or do I include a line or two about them or even a paragraph or two?

  • Your Niche is going to be the obvious choice, otherwise why have the article linked to your website?
  • Some updated information that you have just read about is one idea.
  • Make the article informative, you are trying to attract people to your website and products.
  • Do not write long boring articles, between 300 and 800 words is considered to be ideal, with around 400 now being prefered
  • Use headings, lists with bullet points or numbered are also well-received.
  • Do not be afraid to play around with your article format to see which works best for you.
  • You could write a standalone article which enhances an article on your website.
  • Remember that article marketing is an ideal place to market your website by using topics, categories and keywords which relate to your niche.
  • In the resource box showcase yourself, what have you achieved, what are your qualifications, people like to know.
  • Do not promote yourself in the article, that is what the resource box is for. You can offer a free report, E-Book or video here if you so wish, make this something that relates to your article.
  • Use the resource box sensibly, ensure that you give the possible client a reason to click on your link.
  • When you begin to write articles, do not stop at one, write a number of them say eight or ten, you then have a stock to send out.

Also, feel that a few do’s and don’ts might be useful, to help you avoid having articles automatically rejected, but unfortunately however hard you try, it is almost certain to happen, often for no sensible reason at all.

  • Do not use articles from your website, Google sees this as copying, even though you wrote the original copy for your website.
  • The article must be original.
  • Do not over use keywords.
  • Do not promote yourself in the article, that is what the resource box is for.

What Do You Know

Have put this section in here quite deliberately, you may think that this should have appeared before here, such as above the previous section. As I said it has been done deliberately to let your creative and content juices flow first at some of the subjects and ideas that can be used in making money with articles.

  • Keep a notebook, jot down any ideas that you have for articles in a notebook, this ensures that they are not forgotten. It could be that you have some ideas that can be gelled together to form just one article, this can also work if the article which are writing is very short, say just 100/200 words.

Marketing the Finished Product.

Article Directories is a great place to start, why? because it is free. That should make you sit up and take notice. Article Directories are websites which house free articles. The articles are placed there by whoever owns the copyright to them, in this case it is you.

Those who wrote the article have their byline underneath it, thus enabling those who come to read the article to know who owns it, they are then able to contact the originator or obtain further information by visiting their website.

Putting your articles in these directories is a great place to put them as they will make you money. This method enables those who are interested in either the information that you have or your product will consider you to be an expert on the subject matter, thus visiting your website.

If you feel that you are do not have sufficient knowledge to write such an article, then get a freelancer to do it for you, the cost will be re payed many times over.

For a moment let us assume that you have written an article on Private Label Rights, placing it in a number of article directories. Anyone looking for information on this subject, will see this article and consider you to be an expert as you have knowledge and skill. Leading them to contact you. Also consider that they can use this on their website as it was free, but your byline must be attached to it, so more free advertising, and hopefully more free traffic.

The number of article directories is very large, why not put a copy of your article or articles on all of them, this will give you maximum exposure. In the long term this will help to increase the number of visitors and hopefully customers to your site, thus leading to more sales and profit.

Just to give you a helping hand, the top article sites include:


As always do so hope that you have enjoyed this article, hopefully it will have given you some ideas on how to increase not only your list, but your business as regards making others aware of who you are, what you do and what you can offer them, leading to more sales.

If you have any comments please leave them below, we do love to hear from you, as always we are grateful for the time that you take in making them.

The next article will be “5 – In Depth on Private Label Rights”

Be Happy, Healthy and Wealthy.

Stuart (aka Edwin)

16 thoughts on “Make Money with Articles”

  1. Hi Edwin! I really find the idea for making money writing very appealing. I’m not a writer but I like to convey ideas to people about topics in which I’m really passionate. And your post has fueled my thoughts and also some given me sites to visit to start this journey. I’m excited!

  2. This post on article marketing is very interesting. I have to say I like how you have written this to make it very enjoyable and still educating at the same time. I think with this information here, I can take my online business to a whole new level and get some more sales as well all that ks to you. I hope to see some more information. Thanks again.

    1. Hi John,  Thanks for commenting, pleased that you enjoyed the article and will be able to use the contents.

  3. There is no other better way to make money online than making them from the top notch articles that one writes. Like you have said, it is not as straight forward as many people think and there are procedures to follow but if done properly, then money is sure to flow in. Thank you for a great educative post. I’ll work on the information I got here.

  4. I have been trying to find ways of making money online for quite some time and I found found many different and varied ideas and methods in fact, I’ve found so many I have lost count, but I have never come across article marketing before which is why I found your post here so interesting, I would love to find out more about it and give it a try but in the meantime I have bookmarked your website and I’ll be coming back to see what your other suggestions and recommendations are, take care. 

    1. Hi Russ, many thanks for your kind comments, pleased that you found the article to be of use.  Do agree there does seem to be countless ways to make money online.



  5. I am trying to understand the concept of this article marketing. Are you saying that your post and article marketing are two different thing? Does it mean that we have to write a summary for our post to bring traffic? Thank you for sharing the links to article directories. I will try to utilize these directories. Hopefully I get more traffic. Thanks for the tips!

    1. If I understand the question correctly, posts and articles for submission to article marketing directories are two different things.  Posts go on your website, while articles for the directories go on there.  Hope this helps, please do contact me if I have not made this clear.


  6. Interesting, I’ve never heard of article marketing before. I’ve never thought of this as a way to drive more traffic to a web page. I’ll have to keep it in mind. In addition to the suggested article directories would another example of a good site be medium? Now that I think of it, I think that website is like that where people write articles and then post a link to their website or book they’ve written as well. I’ll bookmark all the sites you’ve mentioned.

  7. Hi Edwin,
    I really didn’t know article marketing as a way to get visitors to our website. I thank you for detailing several platforms where we can write our articles with a link to our website. 

    I know that the article must be approved before publication. We can also earn money by performing this practice on a regular basis. 

    Thank you!

  8. Thanks for reminding me of Article Marketing. I had a website years ago and I published articles in some ezines and actually got some traffic from them then. I had completely forgotten about that. I will for sure bookmark your suggestions of where to publish.

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